Monday, June 29, 2009


Driving, near Lexington, Kentucky

Bourbon Drive-In, Paris, Kentucky

This past weekend we headed off to K's hometown, Maysville, Kentucky. We went to visit his parents so that K could get some woodworking lessons. K's dad is a proficient woodworker (as in, he's made just about everything wooden in their house--cabinets, deck, beds, stair rails, entertainment centers, shelves, and more). K's really lucky to have him as a teacher.

While K and his dad spent the weekend in the woodshop, his mom and I hit up the antiques districts--downtown and Old Washington. I've been enamored with downtown Maysville since I first visited when I was still in high school, and Old Washington boasts a road full of antique shops. It's very cute and old-fashioned.

Here are some of my favorite shots of the day, all of downtown:

Row houses on Market Street

Washington Opera House

Pretty building


Lace window at the Moon River Bed & Breakfast

Yellow and blue details

Maysville Recreation Center


I was thrilled to discover some amazing watercolors at the Market Street Bookstore, which were painted by Barb Clarke of Maysville. She does gorgeous still lifes of flowers and wonderful scenes from around town. My favorite is the one she did of the row houses on Market Street (the photo I took of the same houses is above). Check out Barb's website for more information or if you happen to be in Maysville, stop by the bookstore to purchase an original or a print of her work.

We also stopped by the farmers' market. There were only 2 farms still selling, as it was late in the day, but they had plenty for us to buy. K's mom bought tons of vegetables, which we ate for dinner Saturday night. We had green beans, cabbage, green tomatoes, yellow squash, green onions, cucumbers, candy onions, and broccoli. Such a great dinner! (Thanks, Phyllis!) I bought some flowers and a jar of strawberry jam from an Amish farmer at the market. I can't wait to try the jam!

I hope you had a delightful weekend and be sure to enjoy the week ahead. The weather has cooled off a bit here, so I'm excited.


  1. great photos! i love seeing downtowns!

  2. allison,

    that lace in the window - i love it! i love all these pictures...they make me want to travel, travel, travel....

    and thanks so much for stopping by my blog and writing such a sweet, encouraging note..

  3. what a great downtown! I would love to get my camera there....

  4. I'm so glad you all enjoyed the photos! Maysville is a really fun place to take pictures.


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