Saturday, July 14, 2012

knitted bunny and top handmade baby gifts

I keep forgetting to share this sweet bunny with you. I made her during a knitting frenzy back in April for my sister's birthday. This bunny is pretty adorable if you ask me! She's the long-eared version of the Well-Dressed Bunny (you may remember the short-eared version I made).

This pattern doesn't take too long to knit, but does require keeping track of the pattern and pieces during the process. The worst part is sewing all (eight!) of the pieces together. I don't have much practice with finishing techniques (this book might help), and I don't think it's very fun. However, the resulting bunny is so adorable that I'll brave an hour of sewing.

Apparently I've hit the time in my life when everyone starts having babies. A few years ago everyone got married, and now my Facebook feed shows nonstop pregnancy and baby updates that make me sometimes wonder if people ever see their babies outside of the camera viewfinder. I try to counteract all the digital media these babies experience by always giving a handmade gift. 

This bunny makes the sweetest baby gift (at least in my knitterly opinion). I gave the short-eared bunny to a friend who recently had a baby and plan to get some superwash yarn and make more to give away. I actually never look at baby registries (is that terrible?). Instead, I just make something because all babies need something handmade. The friend I gave the bunny to told me she'd received 15 baby hats, but none of them were handmade. I was glad I hadn't made her baby a hat (that's my go-to baby gift) and glad that I had taken the time to make something!

Here are my favorite baby gifts to make:

Top Handmade Baby Gifts

I also recently stocked up on Maiden Radio's Lullabies to give as last minute gifts or send to friends who live in warm places.

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What are the top handmade baby gifts you've made or received?



  1. I LOVE THIS BUNNY! :-) --I hate assembly, so I'll probably never make one, but man, it is super cute!

  2. I am so glad you shared this sweetie! What a wonderful gift. I think handmade items such as this beat anything you can buy from the store. But I may be partial as well.

  3. First of all, that bunny is so adorable! I love the floppy ears.

    My family and friends are having babies quicker than I can make things! I've vowed to make and gift each child at least one handmade thing before they get too big and want only video games and other toys the media and their peers push on them.

    Quilts are probably my favorite but they are bit too time consuming. Though I made that lamb after seeing yours and I very much enjoyed it. (And I loved hearing the little boy I gave it to enjoyed it as well! His Mama said he would rub it against his smiling face.) But since I've started knitting, I'm excited to make hats and socks and things!

  4. The bunny is adorable! I love droopy, long ears. It's like a baby bunny who has to grow into them.
    Wow, you asked a great question. Hmmm...I think any of the toddler shrugs I've made w/a bit of math and a stitchionary were the best.

  5. The bunny is so cute! Now I'm picturing all types of color variations (my girls have a tendency of turning white to dirt). I loved getting the big items off of my registry when I had my first, but I made sure to keep the handmade items after my kids outgrew the other stuff--I received 4 handmade blankets for my first and one handmade blanket for my 2nd, along with a two store bought items with her name embroidered. Everything else was purchased. I'd really like to make some handmade items for this pregnancy, but I keep being foiled with other things to take care of (such as the aforementioned girls). I think it's wonderful you always make a handmade gift for those you care about :)

  6. I love the bunny!

    In my circle of colleagues and friends, I'm almost the only one who does any sort of handmade anything - truly...which is sad, but I am working on converting interest.

    I have just finished the most gorgeous granny stripe blanket for a first time mother expecting a baby girl. We conferred on colours, and she was really excited. Also, having heard on the grapevine that she has heaps of newborn clothes but not much beyond that, I have made a raspberry pink with lighter pink outline Bombay Love cardigan in DK cotton (will be warmer months here in Australia soon), meaning that it'll be good for the little one at about six months old.

    I particularly love making blankets, and they are always received very happily as something special because they are handmade, which is very gratifying.


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