Wednesday, July 25, 2012

sunset shawl (my multnomah)

Hello there. I have another finished object to show you. I've had a couple of people recently tell me I'm a fast knitter (I wish!), but the truth is that I just knit all the time. I knitted this shawl in a flurry of too-hot-to-leave-the-house boredom, spurred on by Andi, whose shawls seem to fly off her needles, and Izabela, who whipped up a gorgeous shawl in just a few days. Compared to those ladies, my knitting is as slow as molasses!

I'm very happy with my Multnomah. I love the lacy ripples and the sunset-hued streaks. As soon as fall comes, this shawl will be on my shoulders, keeping me warm at cinnamon-scented fall festivals. I do need a shawl pin so that I don't have to hold it in place, and of course I think I should carve one myself. No matter that I don't have any carving experience. I just need a stick and a knife, right? OK, and maybe a few online tutorials. We'll see...

More details here.

Free pattern here.

* * * 

What are you working on these days? 

I just ordered yarn to make Christmas presents and to make a sweater for myself. I can't wait to get started!


  1. Its really pretty. I like it a ton. I am making another baby gift..It seems like all I do is baby knitting lol

  2. Stunning, that's all I can say! Your yarn choice for this shawl is perfect ... now I want to know what sweater pattern you're about to cast on?

  3. Really pretty shawl! I read that shawls are a must-have for fall or anything vintage for that matter.

  4. Such a beauty! Isn't that yarn wonderful? It really brings out the 'simple' - not to me with my fairly limited knitting abilities - pattern of your shaw

    Cinnamon scented festivals? Sounds lovely, oh, and please show us your carved shawl pin, ok? ;-)

  5. You did such a great job on your Multmoah. I love how the variegation gives the pattern a lil' somethin' somethin'. Your shawl is almost like a pair of pretty moth wings.

  6. So pretty! I love how you described it as a sunset- it seems perfect.

  7. It's beautiful! You're inspiring me to try out a shawl.

    I hope you do get to make a shawl pin. I'm curious to see it if you do.

  8. Wow!! This is so beautiful! The color looks just sweet!!!!

  9. Gorgeous shawl! I love everything about it. I must say the color is just perfect for this pattern. I love Izabela's shawl.
    BTW- Fairies come in at night and knit my shawls for me. That is why they fly off the hook. heh

  10. Your Multnomah is so beautiful! I really want to knit it one day! Yours is so pretty in pink! Currently, I'm test knitting a little shawlette for a friend designer and as part of the Ravellenics! I hope I get to finish it on time!


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