Friday, May 13, 2011

heidi braids

playing around with my suddenly (realized) long hair. this is what a year without a haircut looks like--not too bad when it's all tucked up in heidi braids (via cup of jo).

before i grew out my hair, i rocked a bob for quite a few years. my hair was so short!

there is a salon appointment in my near future, but just for a trim because i like having long hair.

i see loads more braids for me this summer. take a look at the other lovely looks joanna has rounded up.

doesn't it make you want to wear a braid more often?

* * *

ps i had to repost this because the original disappeared when blogger was down. sorry if you tried to comment before and couldn't. the comment section should be working now.


  1. Oh, yes...I do love look so pretty!

  2. Your Heidi hair is so sweet! Back when I was a girl (ahem), it was all about having hair like Princess Lia from Star Wars. My cousin and I both went for that look one Halloween. I don't know why we didn't call it the Heidi look -- because I loved that story too.

  3. Oh! I ADORE these pictures of you! You are a model!

    I am a short hair girl. I have tried to grow it out...but never can get it past the bottom of my neck. I don't think I look good with long overtakes my whole face. At least that's what I tell myself when I cave and cut it off.

    I'm growing my hair out a bit right now. I am hoping to get it past my ears.

  4. Incredibly beautiful! I'm not sure my long hair is quite thick enough to look this amazing - you're rocking this style.


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