Monday, May 23, 2011

green tea leaves cardigan

Last week K and I sneaked away for a vacation in Maine. It was cool and rainy the entire time we were there, but we managed to have fun in spite of the weather. We got in a couple of wet, foggy hikes in Acadia, which of course warranted lots of tea time to warm up afterward. It was my idea of a wonderful week. 

I took along my very first knitted sweater, which you may have glimpsed as it was coming into being. However, now that it is a full-fledged sweater, let me introduce you...

I am so proud to have made it. 

I can't help but look at my hands in disbelief and wonder, how did this happen? A pile of yarn is now a sweater; it's sooooo exciting! I have to thank my knitting teacher, Tonya, for helping me throughout the knitting process and for motivating me to make a sweater in the first place. I see lots of sweater-knitting in my future.

I wore my tea leaves cardigan as my jacket in Maine on city strolls and wooded hikes, while scouring outlet shops and hunting for sea glass. The wool stayed warm even as salt water spray and foggy droplets beaded up on it, and I felt amazing wearing it, knowing that my own cleverness and effort were being put to good, tangible use. 

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I'll be writing more about our Maine adventures, my latest yarn endeavors, and our CSA (which starts today!) soon. I'll also be working on responding to comments and visiting your blogs. I've missed you!

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What's going on with you this week? 


  1. Your sweater is beautiful!!! I love that pattern. Congratulations! Mark and I went on our honeymoon in Maine, that same area!

  2. That's so cute!!!
    Nice work making it
    And I like the different looks you're rocking it with!!

  3. Love it, love it, LOVE IT! Congratulations on your first sweater you, did a smashing good job on it!

  4. I spot the Portland Headlight there! Isn't Maine wonderful. We honeymooned there (a very long time ago) and we went there last Spring with the kids. I love it so much!

    And of course your cardigan! It's great. The color is perfect on you and you've amazingly mastered knitting in such a short time. Good going!

  5. Hooray for you! It looks so cozy!

  6. You wisely chose a classic look- that pretty sweater can go just about anywhere! It's lovely.

  7. You are just too cute. LOVELY sweater. Its really beautiful. I'm so exciting to be going to Maine for the first time this summer.

  8. Really lovely. Wish i knew how to knit

  9. Brilliant girl and look how wonderful it looks on you!

  10. Oh, it looks wonderful, WELL done!

  11. It's beautiful! Perfect color and fit.

    I felt cozy just looking at this post.

  12. The cardigan is beautiful!

    I'm curious to hear more about your Maine adventures! My brother and I went to Acadia for a week back in November of '08. Since it was off season we go a cute little house rental for like $200 or so. (Crazy deal.) We had such a great time--did lots of hiking and the weather was beautiful. I dream of moving to Maine someday!


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