Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tyrol Hat

I was instantly smitten when I first saw the Tyrol Hat. It's colorful and old-fashioned--perfect for early morning walks through dew-covered meadows and mist-shrouded woods. When I saw the pattern on the Lovely World blog, I knew I'd be making it, regardless of the facts that warm weather is fast approaching, I don't actually live near any woods, and this hat is meant for a small child. I wanted a Tyrol Hat, and so I made one.

My mom calls this a headwarmer. She had one like it growing up, and that's what she called it. I think it seems right.

Making this headwarmer was so much fun. I spent quite a few frenzied hours in the library, crocheting and trying to keep one eye on my reading (this method will make you go a little cross-eyed!). I finished it up while watching part of Ken Burns's National Parks series, which I would highly recommend. The parks are just breathtaking, and I love learning about their history!

I am really happy with the way my Tyrol hat turned out and will definitely be wearing it if we have any more cold mornings. I may not have woods within walking distance, but I've got lots of neighborhood streets to roam through. 

* * *

If you'd like to try making this hat for yourself or someone you know, you can find the pattern online here.   
Since the pattern is for a child's headwarmer, I had to modify to fit my adult-sized head. I listed my modifications on ravelry, but here they are:

Used G hook (instead of F)

Chained 10 extra at the beginning of the center section, making the whole thing 10 dc bigger

Sewed the granny squares to the center section (instead of crocheting them to connect)

Used 3 39-inch strands of yarn for each tie. I folded the 3 strands in half, then looped them through the bottom corner of the granny square (like fringe). Then I braided them, holding 2 strands together.

* * * * *

What are you making these days?

 I've been working on some sewing and crocheting projects that I'm really excited about.


  1. I think I could follow these directions -- and it incorporates a granny! I love anything with grannies. Allison, this project is wonderful. Thanks for giving me another project idea.

    And what am I up to....I'm just about done with my marigold afghan (it was supposed to by a Fall project -- I must have meant Fall 2010). And I've whipped up a bunch of napkins to send out as part of the napkin swap. Other than that, not much. I better get my project mojo going again.

  2. This turned out so well! Great colors - I love the blue and yellow together. I also like the braided ties. Perhaps I will make a larger one for myself, as I can just picture you out on your morning walk wearing this! I really appreciate your recent comment on my blog. You are very sweet. I enjoy what I see here on you blog as well.

  3. It looks lovely! The colors are great. Makes me wish I was wandering the Alps on a sunny spring day!
    What am I to? Well, so much shop stuff, a project for myself and thanks to your previous post linking to the nightstand scene, I'm reminded that I've wanted to make myself a bedside catch-all for the longest time! Maybe I'll find room to squeeze it in! ;)

  4. I was very smitten with this as well when you first linked to it.

    I have a pretty small head. Do you think using the larger hook would be enough of a mod? Hmmm. I think I'll make one as is for The Girl and if it fits me or is close, then I'll make one for me.

    What have I been making? Not much. I've been busy taking pictures. But this next week is spring break, and I have a few things I want to work on. Potholders, a new camera strap, etc.


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