Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Sewing

Happy first day of spring!

 This morning K and I went on a long neighborhood walk and then browsed at the bookstore where I fawned over this sewing book. I want to make myself a dress so much!

Speaking of dresses, have you been keeping up with all of the little girl dresses that Alicia of Posie Gets Cozy has been making? I'd like the morning glory, bouillabaisse, and little prairie in my size.

Well, this week I haven't been making dresses, but I have been doing quite a bit of other sewing. I've also been making my bed, which you can see in these pictures. I'm turning into quite the grown up.*

These are napkins I made for Julia and Lucas, a couple of friends who are getting married. I found the fabric last weekend  while visiting K's parents. We went for lunch and a bit of shopping in Augusta, Kentucky (hometown of George Clooney)** and I stumbled upon the neatest little shop filled with home-sewn quilts, pillows, and lots more. The actual name of the place is Small Town Gift Shop, which is pretty darn quaint. In addition to already sewn items, they had a large assortment of fat quarters tucked away in the back, so I picked up some for these napkins.

This pillow cover was a commission for my friend Sarabee. She liked the one I made for myself so much that she requested one just like it. I had a lot of fun sewing something for someone else.

I sewed up some lavender-filled sachets from vintage sheet scraps. One went to Sarabee, and I put the other one to work making my clothes smell wonderful. It's doing a good job.

I also made another eye pillow from vintage sheets. I really love the soft colors and variety of flowers on these sheets.

Hope you've had a wonderful day celebrating the change of seasons!

One more thing to get excited about is that a couple of great Etsy shops are being updated this weekend. Liesl (Liesl Made) is listing new things and so is Beki (Artsy Crafty Babe). Check them out!

* * * * *

*I'm pretty sure real grown ups say "adult."

**Yeah, we totally found out where George's parents live and stopped to take pictures of their house. I am such a celebrity-hound. 


  1. Your napkins are pretty. You can never go wrong with blue and white, in my opinion. Those dresses over at Posie Gets Cozy are so cute! I have a few bday presents to sew and then I am making summer clothes for Penny and I can't wait!

  2. The napkins are really nice. I like old fashioned calico patterns. That is a great idea for a new pillow topper as well. Warm wishes and joy. Tonya

  3. I love the flower placement on your eye pillow.

    Happy spring, grown-up girl!

  4. I have that same sheet.... Except in oranges and browns. So vintage and so pretty.

    And you found some lovely fabrics -- blues are so pretty. Cloth napkins are the way to go!

  5. Love the vintage linens! I need to get mine out of the closet for some spring sewing!

  6. My friends used to tease me in high school about the fact that I made my bed everyday. I still do. I just can't think straight when it isn't made.
    Loving all the things you've been sewing. The fabrics are all so darling.
    And thanks for the shout-out!

  7. Those napkins are so beautiful, and what a special gift. I love the fabrics in this post, so soft and warm. It all looks wonderful


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