Monday, January 18, 2010

Thank you note

Just before Christmas, luck was quite the lady and handed over some wonderful prizes to me. It's high time I thanked the individuals who made those giveaways possible. I love love love everything I won, so here's a big thank you!

Thank you to Michelle of Cicada Studio for this beautiful tea towel calendar, which looks like it just grew there on my wall. I've got quite the field of flowers flourishing there. You can check out Michelle's blog to see lots of pretty fabric and a recent tutorial for making a quilt in a day.

Through Indie Fixx's 12 Days of Indie Holiday Shopping, I won a gift card for Elisa Shere jewelry. Elisa's jewelry is simple and sophisticated, and I loved browsing through her shop. I picked out the beauties above and a pair of shiny silver drop-shaped earrings. I could wear these earrings every day! They look good with everything, especially all of those hats I've been crocheting. Thanks to Elisa for giving away her hand-crafted jewelry, and thanks to Jen for hosting the giveaway!

Marjorie, who writes a very dreamy blog and has a shop filled with her gorgeous creations, gave away these squirrelly cards that I was instantly smitten with. I think those squirrels are the cutest creatures I've ever seen. They go with my newfound interest in squirrels--my campus is home to lots of them and I love spending a few moments each day watching them romp around. Thank you so much, Marjorie! I've sent a couple of these to friends already and plan to keep one to frame for myself.

* * *
Update: I forgot that I wanted to thank Liesl for blogging about one of my button necklaces! Thank you so much, Liesl!


  1. Wow! Lady luck was on your side. I will have to check-out those talented sorts. I really like that calendar. I love that shade of yellow.

    If I ever go to Vegas I'll take you along. You can blow on the dice.

  2. You won THREE giveaways? Lucky, lady, you. What's your secret..? ;)


  3. Fantastic that you won so many give-a-ways! And such nice prizes too! Congratulations!

  4. You were lucky. Very nice prizes to adorn you and your home. And yes, those earrings will look awesome with the hat.


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