Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Colorful Kerchief Scarf

Sometimes I just get lost on Ravelry, scrolling through patterns and gazing longingly at all the things other people make. During a recent Ravelry excursion I came across the Roxy-inspired scarf and fell in love. I fell for the funkiness of a scarf made from a shawl pattern and the fun picot edging.  I also already had the perfect yarn for this project, a multicolored sock yarn that I picked up at the flea market for $1.

So, with the stars aligned, I crocheted this Colorful Kerchief Scarf. It's triangular and ties at the back of the neck. It's also plenty warm and cozy. The granny square design makes it feel a little bit like wearing my favorite blanket, which is perfect for these cold days when I'd rather stay in bed.

What gets you out of bed on winter mornings? Warm scarves, cups of tea, and the promise of yoga class are helping me to peel back the comforter and flannel sheets these days.


  1. You know I'm copying this, right? With due credit of course. ;-)

  2. Copy away, Dani! I copied it myself...I really like seeing the chain of inspiration that goes into creating things. It's so interesting!

  3. Really like your scarf. What a yarn buy you found 'cause the colors are awesome.

  4. This is the best scarf ever....I love grannies and it really does invoke granny-like thoughts. It is wonderful. You're going to become quite the trendsetter with designs like this (even if you copied it -- your yarn choice makes the scarf!)

  5. That scarf makes a person smile! I can't believe how quickly you are cranking out projects! What gets me out of bed on cold winter mornings? The baby, the big kids and the school bus (we are the first stop! Ack!).

  6. hi, allison! you are my vintage swap buddy. i love the scarf (maybe one day i will be so talented?). nice to 'meet' you!


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