Tuesday, January 5, 2010


The holiday continues! I thought classes started back today, but they actually start tomorrow, so I have one more day of vacation. What a happy mistake!

I wanted to show you the additions my father-in-law made for our nativity set. We got a camel and a donkey for Christmas this year. I love them!

K promptly named them. This is Levon, named after the Elton John song.

And the donkey's name is LD, which K says stands for Larry David (we've been watching a lot of Curb Your Enthusiasm lately), but I maintain it stands for Little Donkey. Either way, LD is the cutest wooden donkey I've ever seen.

 Thanks for all of your hard work, David! We love our new pets.


  1. it.
    Glad you had another day off...ENJOY!


  2. Oh, that donkey *is* adorable! What great additions to a beautiful nativity. Looking over your posts I can see you've been super busy and had a lovely holiday. I'm glad. I wish you all the best in 2010, Allison!

  3. What nice additions....I'm sure you'll treasure them forever and for always. That's a very thoughtful gift.

  4. Oh...Do you hear that pitter-patter? It's my heart. I love this SOOOO much. I have been looking for a good nativity scene: one that isn't too scary religious, not too cartoony, not cheap looking. Ours is OK. But this just blows doors. Does he sell is wares?

    Major nativity envy here.


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