Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fabric Swoon

For Christmas, K gave me some colorful fabrics from Anna Maria Horner's Good Folks collection. I'd had my eye on them for quite some time and may have sent him an email way back in August requesting this bundle.

Even though I knew all of this loveliness was in the house for months, I waited patiently until Christmas. This was a big step for me, as my usual style is to sniff out presents right away and talk the giver into handing over the goods early. I know, not very in the spirit of Christmas. I'm working on it, though.

But now, Christmas is over and I have these beautiful fabrics to play with! Oh, they make me smile every time I look at them. I think I'm going to make a throw in the style of SouleMama's. I'd like to try a quilted throw, but since I've never quilted anything, I'm a bit nervous about trying it with a fabric I'm so in love with.

Do any of you quilters out there have tips for someone new to quilting? Books or websites you'd recommend? I'd love the help!


  1. These are gorgeous!!!! I have a horrible habit of being afraid to use something gorgeous for fear I'll mess it up or will think of something else I want to do with it....and so it sits unused. I think a throw would be perfect. Of course, I don't quilt at all so that's easy for me to say.

  2. The first quilt I made was a queen size quilt for our bed. It was a major undertaking simply because of its large size.

    A throw would be a great starter project. I had a few books on hand. Bend the Rules Sewing, The Modern Quilt Workshop, & Denyse Schmidt's book were all useful. You Tube was a great resource when it came time to bind. There are quite a few good quilting sites as well. Oh Fransson! has some good tutorials.

    Jump in. It's fun and so rewarding.

  3. Oh, and you have some beautiful fabrics to work with.

  4. I think that trying a quilt like the one posted today on Soulemama is a great idea. I made my first several quilts that way. If you want to try quilting, I recently posted links about binding on my blog. Also, I think the Crazymomquilts has a great tutorial for stippling. But there is nothing wrong with just turning and tying either.

  5. Definitely try a throw....Even after making a few quilts, I still get overwhelmed with too much quilt, too much batting, the binding, etc. Soulemama's "Handmade Home" book is good -- I really like the throw she uses on picnics and beaches (though I don't think I could bring myself to be quite so hard on something I made). Oh -- and go to Larissa's site, Stitches in Play, see my site for a link. She has lot of tutorials to help you through and you can always e-mail her for advice as you proceed. You are one lucky gal -- all that fabric. Wow.


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