Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cinnamon Ice Cream

This weekend has been lovely. I have enough school work finished that I could take a break and just relax.

I spent time meandering around an antique mall, shopping for a few Christmas presents (and craft supplies to make Christmas presents), crocheting like it's my job, baking chocolate chip cookies, lazing on the couch watching old movies with K, and making cinnamon ice cream.

Cinnamon ice cream is a confection that I became smitten with a few years ago when I tried it at a local ice cream shop. Before that I'd never even imagined cinnamon and ice cream in the same sentence. The flavor of cinnamon is so warm and reminiscent of cozy holiday gatherings, so it never dawned on me to use it in a frozen treat.

But once I get a taste of something that I love, I file it away with the thought of making it myself someday. I don't know why, but I like the challenge and achievement that comes with making things on my own. Plus, I love to eat.

Making cinnamon ice cream was a cinch--we steeped cinnamon stick in a mixture of warmed milk, cream, and sugar for an hour, removed the cinnamon sticks and added egg yolks and more cream. After a good chill in the fridge we whirred it around in our ice cream maker and ate hearty helpings of it. Mmm...I love this season!

The recipe comes from The Perfect Scoop (surprise, surprise!). You can also find the recipe here.

If you're looking for other ways to get some cinnamon into your life, you might like these cinnamon rolls, my grandma's apple delight, or this apple pie.

I hope you've been enjoying your weekend! What have you been up to?

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