Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cleaning out the Garden

Sorrel. bunches of it

On Sunday I cleaned out the garden, harvested what I could and generally tidied it up. Our little patch of vegetables and herbs had grown quite feral. I didn't tend it as much as I would have liked once school started, but it was fun to see what plants will do when left to their own devices. The tomato plants sent off long vines--I kid you not, we had tomatoes growing 20 feet from where we originally planted them. I think we might have the most fertile soil ever (I know from digging around that our yard is rich in coal, marbles, and broken off heads from religious icons).

I am completely stunned that we are still getting vegetables and herbs from the garden in late November. I appreciate them all the more because we're no longer surrounded by summer abundance.

Here's a look at the last harvest of the season, with a little guessing game at the end.


Tomato, jalapenos, and green peppers

Lemon balm (for delicious tea)

Can you guess what this one is? 

It has such an interesting silhouette! 

* * * 
Updated: It's okra! I pulled it apart to pluck out the seeds and this is what I was left with.


  1. Wow -- what a harvest! I would be very happy indeed if my garden was still producing like yours.

  2. Good guess Sue, but no...Actually I'd never heard of crowder peas. I didn't think I even liked peas much until our CSA this year, but now I love them. I'd like to trying growing them some year.


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