Monday, September 7, 2009

Linkin' Tunnel

*Links I'm loving lately*

RagamuffinDesign has got some awesome knitted and crocheted goods. I adore this gnome hat, this slouchy hat made from sari silk, and these wrist warmers.

My favorite DJ ever, Berk Bryant aka The Country Gentleman, was in the local newspaper yesterday. He hosts a 3-hour bluegrass show every Sunday night on Louisville's public radio station, 91.9 WFPK. In addition to playing bluegrass and old-time country, he is such a character. Part of his charm is that his show isn't polished. It makes it feel like you're just hanging out at his house and he's playing you his favorite records. If you live in Louisville, listen to him Sundays from 8-11 PM and if you're farther away, you can catch him at the same time via live streaming on

Seriously, this doily sweater is my dream come true. Comfy cardigan + ultra-girly details? I've got to make one of these.

The 2009 Asian Film Festival at Village 8 Theatres is going on right now. Last night K and I saw Departures, which totally blew me away. It gives a fascinating view of Japanese death rituals, something foreigners don't usually get to see or hear about. I also enjoyed hearing Japanese spoken again. Listening was probably my best Japanese language skill, and it was exciting to realize that I haven't forgotten everything. Oh, and a bonus for this movie is that it's set in Yamagata, which is where K and I lived in Japan. I'd definitely recommend seeing it! It's playing until Thursday at Village 8.

The Saturday Night Girls cross stitches offer lots of inspiration. I love the simple silhouettes, especially the teapot. Beautiful stitching.

This Caesar Salad looks amazing! I'd like to eat a giant bowl of it right now.

I hope you're all enjoying the holiday! Happy Labor Day!

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