Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Lake at Midnight: A Button Necklace

When I accompanied my mom to the fabric store as a child, I always spent my time there glued to the button wall. So when I recently found myself in possession of several jars brimming with buttons, it was a dream come true. All these buttons, for me? How lucky can a girl get?

After much time admiring buttons by the handful, I decided to make some button necklaces. This particular button necklace is for my mom, which is only fair because rightfully the button jars are half hers.

Button details (btw the necklace had a lovely time in northern Africa)

I like naming the necklaces nearly as much as making them. This shimmery gray one reminded me both of city skyscrapers at night and the dark depths of nature. Mom is definitely more nature than urban, so I've named this one The Lake at Midnight. It would be perfect to wear for nighttime strolls, stargazing, and staying up late to tell stories by the fireside.

* * *

This post is a little hint of what's to come. I'm fast approaching my 100th blog post, and I've made a little something to give away. I am so excited about it! Be sure to check back in the next several days for a chance to win.


  1. ohhh i love buttons...such a great piece! :)

  2. My mother had a button jar, and I spent many an hour entertaining myself with them. I think, in retrospect, that it was a mother's desperate ploy to keep a child busy, but she would give me the jar and give me an assignment like to sort them by colors or count out groups of six etc. They were "money" or they were "jewelry" or doll plates.....they were a very versatile toy!Because it was a treat to get to play with them, I still have a warm feeling for buttons!


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