Sunday, November 16, 2014

toddler mittens

These mittens lasted all of 10 seconds before he pulled them off, placed them neatly on the ground, and then ran off to play. So it goes.

* * *

If you'd like to make a pair of mittens for the toddler in your life to toss aside, find my notes here.

P.S. I'll have more about his coat in a future post, but if you can't stand the suspense, check it out here.


  1. Our 19-month-old is the same. "All done? All done?" :).

  2. Our kids really teach us that our attachments are not their attachments, a lesson I need to frequently relearn! We can enjoy the mitts, coat and hat...I all their knitterly glory...beautiful work.

  3. Well for the 10 seconds he had them on, he looks really cute!! (Even without the gloves he looks cute!)

  4. Such a cutie in his cozy handknits! I broke down and bought mittens for my toddler over the weekend. They were on my to-knit list and I just wasn't getting to them.. Yours are so cute! Have you seen the cute raccoon/fox/hedgehog mittens on ravelry? The latte coat is gorgeous, too.

  5. At least he was considerate enough to not just *toss* them on the ground and instead left his Mama's hard work in a neat pile. ;)

  6. That is a cute story about these mitts. You must keep these around forever.

  7. he's so cute in all his knitwear!


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