Saturday, November 1, 2014

october socks

My October socks remind me of an overcast day in Maine when my husband and I walked a short trail at the top of Cadillac Mountain in grayed out conditions. A cold mist settled over the mountaintop that morning, and we were the only ones crazy bold enough to be out walking on such a dreary day. Droplets gathered on my eyelashes and dripped mascara down my cheeks, and the wind tangled my hair. At some point our walk became more of a frenzied hunt for the car so we could get out of the cold, wet weather. We headed back to Bar Harbor smelling of wet wool and looking like wild animals. Lucky for us, there were plenty of warm coffee shops for us to dry off in, and a shop selling this pretty gray yarn that I bought to commemorate the day.

I'm joining in Liesl's sock challenge to knit a pair of socks a month for a whole year (though I'm taking it month by month). Find more notes on my October socks here.

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Sock Challenge Inspiration

I loved Jesse's faux cabled socks so much that I cast on a pair as my November socks.

I've had in mind to make gray socks with cream heels and toes, so when I saw Ine's Drizzly Day socks, it felt like a daydream come true for me. I've already got yarn lined up for a pair, but I keep wondering if I should throw in a little colorwork pattern on the leg.

Casey finished her October socks in a dizzying five days! Now that's motivation.

One more from Ine: Her Chamomile and Honey socks for November are so beautiful. I want to knit a pair just like them.


  1. I love the grey with cream heels and toes-- I just treated myself to Clare Devine's Sock Anatomy ebook, with different toes and heels on little baby/toddler socks to learn them, so I think my 18-month-old is going to benefit from that. :) You're brave taking on a pair of socks a month-- I think the only way I'd manage to do that would be knitting tiny socks for the toddler. :)

  2. I made a pair of gray/cream socks from Nancy Bush They were my favorite socks. And then I lost them!!! I also like this pair. I love gray and cream together.

  3. Love love love your socks! Oh socks are such a rewarding knit! I feel flattered for being so(ck) inspiring to you :), thank you!

  4. Love these socks! Well done. There is sock inspiration left and right with the sock challenge.

  5. Wonderful socks! That gray plus cables is so cozy. And I can't wait to see your Faux Cable socks! The colors you have chosen sound so nice!!! I think I need to join this sock challenge!

  6. love that little cable on the side, perfect pair! I do love that grey and cream combo a lot too, it's a good thing this challenge is over 12 months because they are way too many pair of socks in my mind right now!

  7. These socks are so awesome! I love that cable on the side!

  8. I like the story behind this yarn. I also like the cable running up your socks. It's like architecture.


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