Wednesday, November 12, 2014

november socks (in progress)

I've been knitting away on my November socks during nap time. After I put Jude to sleep, I rush through any chores that must be done and then hurl myself into bed to work on these socks. That brilliant pink offers a warming contrast to our increasingly gray days here. Today we heard on the radio that we might get a few snow flurries, and Jude squealed! He has been enamored with snow books for most of this year, and just last week he tried on his snow boots and toddled clumsily around the house on his suddenly heavy feet. He is ready for the snow!

At night I've been getting lost in Not That Kind of Girl. I've been wanting to find a book to fall into. You know that feeling you get when you become so absorbed in a book that you forget about everything else and just keep turning pages late into the night? I wanted that. I used to get that feeling all the time as a teenager. I'd live in books then, identifying with characters as much as my friends. As I get older I find that kind of escapism harder to achieve, so anytime a book does that, I let it take me. Not That Kind of Girl, though nonfiction, lets me escape to New York for a few hours each night. My favorite quote so far speaks to the inability to be completely absorbed in a moment:

"A night of carousing never passed without me stepping outside the experience to think, Yes, this must be what it is to be young" (p. 184).

I read this and immediately thought about the time in college that some friends and I ordered Avon. The whole time we were discussing lipstick shades and which nail polish to buy, I couldn't help feeling like I was doing anthropological fieldwork. "So this is what college girls talk about," I thought. I just wish I'd made some field notes.

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  1. I love that time of day - when you accomplished what you needed to and are ready to sit and knit and read. I heard that was a real good book. I like Lena Dunham. Very interesting lady.

  2. Naptimes are precious havens of peace and 'me' time. And your socks look wonderful!

  3. I can picture you getting them chores done and jumping into bed with a big smile and picking up your needles. I love the feeling of everything slipping away while immersed deep into a book.

  4. That pink is amazing! I can see why you would want to knit on them as much as you can. I'm hoping to get to that book sometime soon, I really like how she tells stories.

    Hearing about your son toddling around in boots sounds adorable, I miss that age! My kids still get really excited about the snow, I hope that excitement doesn't go away for a long time. I still get excited :) it's here now, not a lot yet but it's not leaving, I love it!

  5. Beautiful socks! They even match the lettering of the book cover ;-)

  6. At least you rush through chores that must be done, I usually skip them and get straight to knitting :)

  7. Those socks are such a great colour!

  8. Oh, that color! I can see how it brightens a gray day.
    And I've been hearing so much about that book. I long for a book to get lost in as well. I really haven't read an fiction since the beginning of the year and even then I don't remember it offering the escapism I knew when I was younger. I'm glad you found a book that is doing that.

  9. These socks are gorgeous! Nothing beats yarn coordinating with books. :) Love it when that happens.
    Excellent book review, I will be adding it to my to-read list. Thank you!


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