Sunday, December 8, 2013

something's gained

"Well something's lost, but something's gained in living every day."

from "Both Sides Now" by Joni Mitchell

It's been rough going lately. I usually write about just the sweet moments here and keep the salty, sour, and bitter things to myself, but I'd feel like such a fraud if I didn't acknowledge that there have been some days lately that have knocked me for a loop. Most of it is normal motherhood stuff, feeling overwhelmed and tired, which probably can be chalked up to Jude waking up lots during the night lately. It's hard to think straight with so little sleep. But I've also been worried (so worried!) about a loved one and feeling at a loss as to how I can help. 

I can help myself though, so that's what I'm trying to do. I am working to be gentler, more forgiving, and more patient with myself. I've been drinking tea, taking walks, soaking in hot baths, and most certainly knitting, slowly but steadily knitting. 

I finished a cabled hat with a fold-over brim for K just in time for the first snow of the year. Finally, the man has a hat that keeps his ears warm. And I think he looks pretty handsome in it too. Hehe.  

* * *

I hope you are finding ways to treat yourself kindly.

And thank you for reading. I appreciate it! I will be back with sweet moments soon.



  1. I should hold back the bad moments and only mention the sweet ones on my blog, but it does help to vent! I always find myself extremely irritable during the last stage of my pregnancy, especially, so I'm hoping those sweet moments will return. I felt more peaceful today. I hope your days grant you more peace and Jude allows you just a little extra sleep each day until you are able to sleep through the night again. Keep knitting, and know that friends are thinking of you, too.

  2. Everybody have bad moments in life, is part of the path. What I have realise is that sometimes sharing those bad moments with somebody it's a big relief it really makes you feel better and lighter.
    Sending you love&light

    Lluisa xx

  3. Feel free to use your space for the good the bad and the ugly. Life isn't always pretty.
    I hope things get easier!

  4. Life is far from perfect and while I'm of the "make lemonade" school, letting ourselves feel the tough moments is just as important as staying positive. Early years of parenthood are demanding in ways that I don't think we can ever be prepared for so you are doing the right thing ~ taking care of yourself and allowing small pleasures here and there. Hugs!

  5. feel free to vent..this is your blog and you can say anything you want...none of us have perfect lives..hugs and blessings

  6. Handsome family, handsome knits. Just keep knitting.

  7. Hi Allison,
    I have been reading your blog for a while but had never commented. I must say, I love your writings and your many projects! Your comment of "working to be gentler, more forgiving, and more patient" with yourself really struck me-- it is one that I know I need to work on for myself! Thinking of you and your loved one.

  8. Sorry to hear things are tough right now. But I'm glad you are being gentle with yourself. It's pretty crazy how we can be so hard on ourselves. Knitting is pretty great therapy. It's helped me decompress many times.
    Wishing you lots of peace right now, sweet Allison.

  9. I've been enjoying your blog for a quite while now. I think too many blogs are constantly happy, happy - can be a bit annoying when you're having a bad day yourself. So it was good to read your honesty. Having had 2 boys (both grown now), and working full time I remember those sleepless nights. Be sure to rest when your little lad rests and he'll get back into a good routine again I'm sure. x

  10. Courage! It always helps to talk... and knit (which I don't do often enough these days!


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