Monday, December 24, 2012

cozy christmas

Merry Christmas to you all!

I hope you are happy, healthy, and spending the holiday with people you love!

* * *

I usually don't get too stressed about Christmas, but this year has felt overwhelming. I keep trying to slow down and enjoy the moments instead of going over my mental to-do list and rushing to the next get together. I'm thankful to have so many family and friends to visit; I just wish all those visits could be more spread out instead of squeezed into two days. 

I'll be back after the holiday to share many knitted presents, some pregnancy updates, and pottery.

In the meantime, I can share one gift I've already given: a cabled hot water bottle cozy for my dad. My dad never really bundles up in the winter, so I've never knitted anything for him before (a shame, I know!). I was really happy to come across this pattern. It's the perfect thing to warm up a bed in winter or snuggle with to ease aches and pains. The cable makes it look even cozier. Plus, you could make the project as easy or complicated as you want by leaving off the cable or substituting a more complex cable pattern.

I used Malabrigo Twist in the Sealing Wax colorway for this hot water bottle cozy. It's luxuriously soft and the color is bright and warm (not to mention, the color of Dad's favorite sports team). I made a few changes to account for the thicker yarn and so that I could make this project with only one skein. Dad seemed pleased with his gift, and I think he'll actually use it!

Find more details on my Ravelry page.


  1. Peaceful, joyful Christmas to you. Next year will be quite magical for you :-)

    Pregnancy has always made Christmas more poignant and overwhelming for me so I understand you completely.

    Preparations for the arrival of your little boy will all fall into place slowly and surely. Babies don't need a lot at first... although a few more Pebbles won't go amiss ;-) Your green one is adorable!


  2. What a great idea to make that hot water bottle cover. It's very festive in that red. It made me think I should make one for my "little brother" next Christmas because he just complained on FB how his feet were cold even though he had socks on.

  3. It is indeed a very intense period! Hope you can now relax and enjoy! Cheers!

  4. You were so right, Allison! I hadn't had time to read many blogs lately, but Adallae is calming down a bit and sleeping, so I thought I'd catch up. I'm sorry this is so late, but CONGRATULATIONS!!! I actually was wondering if you were starting your family yet, so I'm so glad I checked. I wish you the best, and if you ever want to trade pregnancy/baby stories, feel free to call (and I text now! gasp!) or write.

    I loved feeling Addy kick, until my stomach became a boxing ring nightly from 11:30-2 AM. Funny, she still doesn't like to settle for the night until 2 AM! I had forgotten how much I missed the sweet baby smell, the soft coos, and the adoring way they stare up at you--you are their everything. Oh, and Adallae wore newborn size until almost 8 wks (meaning she just grew out of it this week), and she was 8.6 lbs when born, down to 7.6 before we left the hospital (they tend to lose more weight when breastfeeding). So, your sweet little one should get some wear out of whatever you make :)

  5. It's beautiful. I'm sure he'll love it.

    I've found fellas are hard to sew for but knitting for them is a bit easier--scarves, hats, cowls, socks, sweaters, etc. I'm knitting my Dad a pair of socks. (They were supposed to be Christmas presents but I'm taking advantage of his Birthday being in January to push back my deadline.) I was worried that he'd not really appreciate them but my Mom said he gets cold feet and will love them. That's giving me the push I need to get them done. :)


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