Thursday, December 6, 2012

21 weeks

Each day I feel my little boy kicking more, which makes the impending birth and baby feel even more real. The other night I stayed up way too late knitting and reading, and just before midnight he started moving around like crazy. Doesn't he know we're a family of morning people? He moved so much that even K had a chance to feel him. That doesn't happen very often because it seems that as soon as I say, "K, he's kicking!" the baby gets shy and settles down for some quiet time.

This week we signed up for a birthing class that doesn't require us to adopt a new philosophy, which makes me happy. There are a wide variety of classes offered in our area, so choosing one felt overwhelming. We're planning for a natural birth and wanted a class that will give us the knowledge, skills, and confidence we need to face such an intense experience. I think we found one!

* * *

Thank you for allowing me to document this wonderful, crazy time in my life. It's fun to share my experiences with you and hear about your own (or your loved ones') pregnancies and babies.

I hope you're happy and well this week!


  1. I am truly delighted that you are experiencing this precious time of expecting your first baby. It is exciting and overwhelming all at the same time. The kicking stage was my favourite part of all!


  2. I hope you enjoy your birthing class! I never went to one because I never wanted to be told what to do, I just went with whatever happened.

    I loved the kicking stage too, pretty soon you'll be able to see him moving around in there, I loved that too.

  3. We, women, are so lucky to be able to carry our babies. Have a helpful and great birthing class.

  4. I have enjoyed that you are sharing your journey with us. It is so exciting!


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