Wednesday, October 3, 2012

yarn along: antler mittens

A late entry for yarn along day

Those are my super-soft, squishy Antler Mittens that I can't wait to wear. I've finished one (except for the thumb) and the second one is knitting up quickly, too, thanks to the Aran-weight Osprey yarn. I love the geometric antler cables, and even though the mittens might look long, the length is actually perfect. The cuff hits mid-forearm, so I won't experience any cold air leaks when I'm bundled up at the bus stop this winter. 

I had a friend ask me why I'm making mittens instead of gloves. Well, I'm mitten person all the way unless gloves are absolutely required. I wrote more about my reasoning here. Are you a mitten or a glove person?

* * * 

Last week I reread Naked by David Sedaris. He never fails to crack me up. I especially wanted to reread the chapter "Ashes," in which he writes about when his mother was dying of cancer. The first time I read the book, the serious turn of the chapter made me burst out in tears. It came so unexpectedly--in one chapter he showed his mother bantering and full of life and then suddenly she was dying. I'm not sure why I needed to read that again so much, but I felt it calling to me, so I did.

I just started (re)reading Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. I read half of it in high school, but this is the only book I was assigned to read that I didn't finish (gasp!). I was a seriously studious nerd in high school, so I felt mortified that I couldn't finish the book. It was junior year, I was out of time, and something had to give. I did, however, manage to see the musical version of Wuthering Heights twice at our local theater that semester (I was an usher, and did I mention, a nerd?). My theater experience along with some hastily googled summaries allowed me to reenact the novel for my class using photos of celebrities taped to pencils as characters (for an A!). I'm hoping that I'll feel like I really earned that A when I finally read the entire book. 

* * *

What are you making or reading this week?


  1. Those are really pretty mittens. I guess I am more of a glove person, but really hardly ever need to wear them here in the deep south.

  2. those mittens are beautiful. :)

  3. Egh, I did finish Wuthering Heights my Junior year, and I don't think you missed much. It wasn't my favorite- I'm more of a Jane Austen girl, myself.

  4. These are gorgeous! (If I didn't say that before) and for Wuthering Heights, I didn't care for it the first time I read it (and watched the BBC production of it inorder to underSTAND it because everyone had to name their offspring after themselves or their lover which confused the HELL out of me when reading, but finally made sense when I SAW them), but I've sense re-watched a newer version of the story and enjoyed it. I think it's on Netflix.

    I'm so glad another student-who-prided-herself-on-grades is out there! ;) I remember that feeling (something had to give) all too well toward the end of high school, too. I hope you get to enjoy it this time around :)

  5. I'll be honest and say that I've never owned or knit a pair of mittens so I should give them a try. I'm definitely a glove gal in the winter and love all types of gloves!

  6. I haven't worn a pair of mittens like that before. I need to to see how they feel as right now I think I'm a glove person but always forget to wear mine when it's super cold out.
    I'm still working on my friend's snood and then I want to get selfish and make myself some hair accessories and hats besides whip out my first design.
    I need to start Sarum; a fellow, craft blogger rec'd it and I do like family sagas; haven't read one in a long while so I downloaded that after reading Aftertaste.

  7. Those mittens look so warm and cozy. I just gave double pointed needles a try for the first time the other night. I bow down to you folk who use them. I fear I may not be that dexterous.

    I'm hoping to read some David Sedaris soon. One of my readers suggested I start with Me Talk Pretty One Day. And I've never read Wuthering Heights. Someday, perhaps.

    There weren't many books I read in school that I really enjoyed. I guess because it was tied to school and felt like a chore. Except for Lord of the Rings---but that was at a point when I was doing home-study and had more freedom with my curriculum. However, since being out of school, I've read a lot more of the classics and really enjoyed them.

  8. Wuthering Heights is one of my favourite books! It's one of only a handful of books that I've read more than once. I hope you're enjoying the rest...

    For more of David Sedaris's dark side, check out Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk.

  9. I keep saying I'm going to re-try Wuthering Heights too but have yet to give it another go... I've finished a series of really average books recently, noting great to note.

    p.s. I love David Sedaris!!!


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