Sunday, October 28, 2012

antler mittens

Thank you for all the good wishes on our baby news! We are over the moon. I can't believe how many changes our lives and my body have undergone so far, and I know this is just the beginning.

On knitting news: I finished my Antler Mittens a few weeks ago. They are snuggly warm and squishy soft because of those cushy cables and Quince and Co.'s Osprey yarn. I predict they'll get a lot of action this winter as part of my winter-white knitted set. So far I've made a hatcowlfingerless mitts, and now mittens. I hope to add leg warmers and a headband someday

mittens + blue cup from my last pottery class

As part of my prepare-for-baby frenzy, I signed up for another pottery class, which starts this week. I figured I should squeeze in time for things I want to do now, before my belly gets too round to throw pottery on a wheel or I have a little one at home.   

* * * 

Tonight I keep checking the news for word on the winter storm headed up the East Coast. I hope all of you in the Northeast stay safe. My thoughts are with you!



  1. wonderfull mits, really nice pattern and love the color. congrats on your prengancy. must be very nice to be able to knit al kinds of cosy things for the little one on the way...


  2. First of course congratulations on your pregnancy. I hope it will be a wonderful time for you and your husband.
    These mitts look so warm, perfect for a cold winter. Great job!

  3. Oh, they look so warm and cozy! And beautiful too, of course. :)


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