Sunday, April 29, 2012

well, hail.

Beautiful, destructive, awe-inspiring hail poured down last night. 

It pounded the house from all sides, roaring with a force I've never heard before. It sent gallons of water streaming through our kitchen ceiling and tore through our window screens. It ripped my little garden greens to shreds and pockmarked our car. I've heard the phrase "the sky opened up" before, but had never experienced it until last night when buckets and buckets of hail fell in a matter of minutes. 

After a restless, rainy night, we're headed out to survey our house and the neighborhood. We've got a lot of tasks ahead: taking stock, repairing, making insurance claims. We're thankful to be safe, though. And we're completely bewildered at the strength and power of nature.  


  1. Wow - that is impressive! We've had hail here today and on previous days (not good for the end of April!) but nothing like that!

    Hope you soon get some good weather to help you recover!

  2. Good grief! Those are some huge hail stones. But, yes, at least you are safe. Good luck with all the jobs the hail has left you with. x

  3. Yikes...we're not too far from you, but I think it just rained here in Cincinnati! ♥ I hope all is well. Do you have a garage for your car? Those are some HUGE pieces of hail!!!

  4. Well hail, indeed(!). I'm so sorry to hear about the nasty surprise spring delivered to you. (Didn't she know it was your first spring in your new house?! How rude!) I'm glad you guys are ok. What an experience!

    On a brighter note: Rob and I signed up for our first CSA veggie box. (We were totally inspired by you - thank you!) Soon you and K will be diving into your veggies boxes on a lovely summer day (and the hail storm will just be a memory). :-)

  5. Oh my goodness. Truely remarkable hail. I've never seen hailstones like that. Glad you are alright.

  6. The title of this post cracked me the frack up. :)

  7. Hope the clean up and insurance goes well. And your poor garden!

  8. Wow! Amazing how powerful the force of water can be! I'm glad you are all right, and I hope all repairs go smoothly!


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