Wednesday, April 25, 2012


A little bird flew my way this week--four skeins of Sparrow yarn. It's gorgeous! The delicate twists of linen feel cool and smooth. It would be just right for summer knitting. But you know I can't wait until summer, right?

For my knitting group's next knit along, we're doing something different. We learned from our motivation-draining BSJ mistake and are making a project for ourselves that we can use right away. We're making bags! Only we're not all knitting the same pattern; we've each chosen our own pattern and craft. Some of us will knit bags and others will crochet. It's a rather loose knit along, but I think it still counts.

So, last night I settled in with a mug of tea, a favorite show (Felicity), and a new pattern, the Dejeuner Bag. The provisional cast on scared me, and I don't know if I did it correctly, but now that all 110 stitches are on the needles, I'm not going back. The basic pattern stitch looks manageable, but the cast off and finishing seem difficult. I'm going to try to focus on the beginning and worry about the ending later.

Come summer I'll be the one in the straw hat and sundress carrying a linen bag and looking for a beach to comb. And since beaches are hard to come by here in Kentucky, I'll settle for a pool and a lounge chair.


  1. That pattern looks so cute! I agree, just focus on the line of the pattern you are on and worry about the rest later. It will work out :) So excited for you!

  2. I desperately want some Sparrow ... I really want to knit with linen this summer and your bag choice is perfect.

  3. I've seen that pattern on the Quince site! (Oh, how I love their patterns and styling and hope to splurge on some of Quince yarn someday.) Have you see the lacy top patterns that feature the sparrow yarn?

    Best of luck with the bag. Whatever stitch pattern that is, it is quite lovely. I'm curious to see how it goes.

    And come to NJ for beach combing...we're famous for our shore. :)

  4. I do believe you will smashing with that beautiful bag at the pool! Good luck on the pattern, it may look scary now but you are a brilliant knitter and you will do just fine.

  5. ♥ I know I wish we were closer to the beach...pool is as good as it gets, or one of the Great Lakes! That will be such a nice bag for the summer. I bought 2 like it that are crocheted and I carry them with me all the time in my purse to the grocery store, they're my favorites...and I load them up with my groceries!


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