Saturday, August 20, 2011

you can never have too much yarn

My yarn basket is overflowing these days, helped along by a recent trip to Knit On in Newport, Kentucky. This is the basket of yarn for projects I plan to make in the very near future. Isn't it pretty? I can't wait to have my hands busy with all of that wool.

This striped number has been my constant companion for a couple of weeks. The pattern is easily memorized, so I've been able to knit wherever I happen to be. I've found myself pulling out the knitting needles as I stand at the bus stop, while riding the bus, during my lunch break at work, and of course while curled up on the couch in the evenings. The stripes make progress visible and the changing colors of Noro keep the project feeling fresh. And what is this project, you may ask? Just wait and see, I say.

I'm looking forward to autumn. I've got plans to spend my fall nights making Christmas presents, but I also want to make a Levenwick cardigan for myself. When I spied the pattern last week it jumped right to the top of my Ravelry queue. Such gorgeous texture. Wonderful scallops. Now I just need to find the perfect yarn. Oh yeah, and finish the sweater I'm currently making for myself--only one more sleeve, button bands, and edging to go!


  1. Love the stripes you are working on! Of course you can't have enough yarn. I panic when I knit from my huge stash and feel the immediate need to buy more, to fill the "empty" space.

  2. Oh, I love that Levenwick cardigan. Want to whip up one for me too? :)

  3. Those stripes are the perfect colors. Hip, but not too trendy. Love it! Just clicked over to the Levenwick cardi. Oh. My. Goodness. Love overload. Can't wait to see your finished version!

  4. I whole-heartedly agree....You can never, ever have too much yarn. You must pat it everytime you walk by.

  5. Beautiful yarn! Great colors! Can't wait to see what you will make with it!
    Have a wonderful week,

  6. Lovely stripes - just the right combination soft and warm.
    Beautiful yarn you have pictured and you are right about never having too much - I have recently done some restocking, all of which have projects allocated.

  7. Beautiful! Love that FrogTree yarn. So soft!


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