Saturday, August 27, 2011

baby red sweater

I finally got a couple of packages shipped off to far away friends, so now this baby red sweater is on its way to Japan. I really should wait to post about this sweater until after it is received, since I know that my friend occasionally stops by this space, but I just can't wait any longer!

I knitted this sweater using the Springtime Baby Cardi pattern and yarn left over from my Strawberry sweater. Most of this sweater was completed on my daily commute and short lunch breaks, so the process took longer than I expected.

This was the first pattern I've used that gave me leeway on counting rows--the instructions stated generally how long each part of the cardigan should be. I enjoyed knitting freely and measuring later more than the usual knit a row, write it down method I've been using.

I tried to give some perspective on how tiny this sweater is. It's hard to imagine a person small enough to wear it. I hope it will fit my friend's baby!


  1. I continue to be impressed with how quickly you picked up knitting. And -- I think it will fit, no problem. The only thing is that those babes grow very quickly meaning they outgrow sweaters and clothes very quickly.

  2. beautiful encanta ese saquito ( y tu blog, claro) seria perfecto para mi baby de 5 meses...veré si me animo! Kiss from Buenos Aires.

  3. How sweet! And I'm with Jodi on the awe of how fast and well you've taken to knitting!


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