Tuesday, July 27, 2010

weekly wanderings: a little bit wild

[the rainbow house]*

i absolutely love my neighborhood. it's eclectic. it's fun and funky and is home to a great mix of people. there are many restaurants within walking distance--falafel, sushi, barbecue, tacos, indian, sandwiches, and pizza galore. we've got coffee shops, parks, bookstores, and a great library. it's a neighborhood where walking and biking are the best ways to get around and an afternoon's entertainment can be found sitting outside and people-watching. 

it's the kind of neighborhood where you never know what you're going to find around the next corner. 

like the rainbow house. 

the wild mix of colors always makes me happy, but i think the crepe myrtle blooms really add to the revelry. 

whenever i pass by the rainbow house, i can't help but try to imagine who lives here. i'd like to be friends with them. 

i also love the wildness of the tall grasses in front and the way the rough wooden siding contrasts with the colorful facade. 

nearby, i spotted this monkey hanging in a tree. he's even got all of parts. it cracks me up.

* * * * * 

what's your neighborhood like? i'd love to hear what things are like where you live!

 * * * * * 

*the rainbow house is what i call this place. i have no idea if it has an official name. 


  1. Very cool casa!

    We live in a neighborhood called Oak Forest. It's comprised mostly of little mid-century ranch houses. Most of the people on our street have been here for 30+ years. But younger folk are starting to migrate here. In fact, most of The Mr.'s bandmates have moved here since we purchased our home.

    It's not super-exciting, but I love it. There are lots of trees, it's quiet, your neighbors look out for you, and it's an easy drive to most anywhere we want to go in the city.

  2. Ooo. I would love to live in the rainbow house! Imagine me there :)

  3. I can see why you'd like your neighborhood. Fun stuff to look at -- fun stuff to do.

    Personally, I can't stand my neighborhood. I love my house, but this development we are in is filled with people who have big (really BIG) egos and attitudes. It's all about how many cars, boats, and other toys are in your driveway. I keep planting more greenery to block it all out. In the near future -- as in a year or two -- we plan on moving to the lake and saying adios to neighbors. (Aren't you glad you asked?)

  4. You're making me hungry at the mention of the wonderful places to eat/types of foods available! What a fun house! Yes, a great neighborhood!
    I've enjoyed catching up today. Your eggs are fabulous! I know that our eggs yolks are very orange and truly taste better to me! and bake the best cakes,etc.! My chickens mostly slacked off in winter... Save all your old cereal, bread, trimmings,etc. for them! They will love it! :) What gorgeous produce!
    Love your blog!

  5. You have a busier neighborhood than I do. I live in the rural part of town, and have to drive to get to restaurants and services. I can walk to our CSA farm, and to a dairy farm that has a farm store (eggs, grassfed meat, cheese, and a bakery). The rainbow house is an eyecatcher!

  6. Your neighborhood sounds like a grand place to live! Right where I live is pretty rural. But in town it's super quaint but still small. I love it. It's all Moravian houses and buildings converted into banks, realtor offices, innes and antique shops.

  7. My neighborhood sounds a lot like yours! I have a beautiful park a couple blocks away, along with tons of restaurants, bars, boutiques, markets, etc. Walk a few more blocks and it's the same...walk a few more in a different direction..same thing! It's wonderful!

  8. What a great house! And your neighborhood sounds wonderful Allison..! Our neighborhood is similar - but in this heat, I've had a hard time walking anywhere, to be honest. (Is there such a thing as the summer blues??)

    Anyway - your neighborhood's rainbow house would definitely lift my spirits. In fact, it has. :)

    Hope your summer is going well, dear.



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