Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A place to rest your head

We all need a place to stop. A place to put up our feet. A place to breathe deeply and let go of worries, if only for a moment. A place to close our eyes and dream.

K and I recently received a bed for our guest bedroom/office/sewing room (perhaps we should call it the room of requirement? it is what we need it to be). We lucked into it when my uncle sold his house in town and needed to unload some furniture. We were more than happy to take this bed off of his hands.

I've spent time making it comfortable--I added vintage floral sheets from my own childhood bedroom (they were my mom's before that), a quilt we received as a wedding present, a thrifted embroidered pillowcase, and a patchwork pillow sewn from fabric Liesl sent along with an order. Maybe you remember seeing these patches before? I started this pillow cover months ago with no idea where it would land in our house. Now it has found its home, nestled next to a quilt and embroidery.

This bed is the perfect spot to spend a few hours with a novel or even a textbook if you have a bit of summer studying to do. The room gets plenty of light, stays cool with the help of a ceiling fan, and makes me want to read just one more chapter again and again.

Ideally this spot is for overnight guests in our home, and I'm excited to say the very first one will be coming by tomorrow! I hope it's just the beginning of our overnight guests because I love friends who like to linger, and it's also the perfect excuse for a breakfast party!  

* * * * * 

Where are you putting up your feet these days? And are you reading anything good? After 7 years on my reading list, I'm finally reading Slaughterhouse-Five. And The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is sweeping through my family like wildfire. It looks like a fun book to curl up with this summer.


  1. It looks so inviting! I could use a nap, LOL.

  2. What a perfect spot to sit quietly and be cool on these hot summer days. And you know I love vintage sheets! Heppy reading.

  3. That picture looks cool and breezy...

    I'm chillaxin' out on the deck in a lawn chair or in my rocker. I'm reading the 5th book of the Potter series...and just got past the part about the room of requirement. :)

  4. hey allison! glad sis you to my blog so i could be led to yours!

    isn't blogging to fun (and addicting!)

    i follow you now!

  5. goodness, gracious!~I'd never want to leave if I were met by this haven as your guest. XO

  6. I could use a cosy spot like that right now. xo

  7. The pillow turned out beautiful - I love it!


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