Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Strawberry galette: Luscious strawberries wrapped in buttery pastry. What's not to love?

Things I'm looking forward to:

*Strawberry season--I couldn't wait and bought some from the grocery a couple of weeks ago. I made a wonderfully easy strawberry galette, but that only whet my appetite. I can't wait to make strawberry pie and a whole host of strawberry dishes that I discovered last year: decadent cupcakes, muffins, ice cream, and frozen yogurt.

*Turning in my final two papers and going to my last class of the semester tonight. Hip hip hooray! I baked these cocoa cookies for the class potluck celebration.

*The Kentucky Derby is this weekend, which means my out-of-town relatives are coming to visit. I'm looking forward to catching up.

*The Phoenix Hill Farmers' Market will be back in full-swing starting May 4th.

*Our CSA subscription will also start soon, and I'll be blogging about it once again. I'm looking forward to the spring lettuces. We finally got a salad spinner, so no more tea towel helicopter drying games for me. I also can't wait for the strawberries (see the ridiculously long recipe list above), tomatoes, and okra.

*K and I are moving very soon to a gorgeous little apartment just down the road. We're going to be even closer to all the places I like to walk--the grocery, post office, library, park, yarn shop, movie store, pizza place, etc. The moving festivities (doesn't that sound better than chores like packing, lifting, sorting, etc?) will likely keep me away from this space for a while, but I look forward to blogging soon from our new office/sewing room.

What are you looking forward to?

* * * * *

Fun fact: I deleted about 10 exclamation points from this post to make it easier and less annoying to read. But if you want to experience this post as it sounds in my head, imagine me saying all of this in a jubilant, breathless half-shout with barely a pause between words.


  1. Enjoy your move to the new apartment! I am right there with you waiting for our CSA to start back up and for strawberries!

  2. I'm looking forward to May 28th. That's our last day of school.

    Also: a tan, sleeping past 5:30am, staying up late, gardening, crafting for longer than 30 minutes when I'm totally exhausted, having more patience with The Offspring...

    I could go on. Yep. I want summer to get here STAT.

  3. That galette is dream worthy by the way...

  4. MMMmmmmmm! Exclamation points are necessary! I am also desperate for strawberries. Also: skirts, not wearing socks, planting, asparagus (!), rhubarb, reading outside, and walks.

  5. Oh my...a move! Good luck with the packing and getting things just so in the new space (:

    I'm looking forward to tomatoes and peppers from my garden and homemade ice cream after strawberry picking at a local farm!!


  6. Have you tried strawberry-rhubarb pie? That's my all-time favorite.

    And a new apartment -- exciting times (especially since it's so close to a yarn shop). Yippee!

  7. We have been making some strawberry desserts around here too (just put one on my blog header today!)
    Looking forward to a new couch coming in 2 weeks. We've been sitting on a 1930's sofa for the past 3 years. As cute as it is it is SO uncomfortable. Ready for the custom down filled sofa soon to arrive. My butt will be thankful :)


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