Friday, May 22, 2009

CSA Subscription

This is the first year that I have a CSA subscription. I've wanted one since I first heard about them a couple of years ago. It's a great way to support local farms and get really fresh vegetables. K and I are splitting a subscription with my mom, which is good because I don't think we could eat a whole box of vegetables by ourselves each week. We've got our subscription through Finger Picking Farms in Palmyra, Indiana. We'll pick up our box at the farmer's market each Tuesday. Last Tuesday was the first week of picking up.
We got a bag a mixed greens, two mini heads of lettuce, spinach, sorrel, white and red radishes, long red radishes, salad turnips, and strawberries. K and I made a simple salad of the mixed greens, sorrel, radishes, and turnips to go along with our homemade pizza for dinner on Tuesday. We enjoyed the strawberries as a sweet snack, and I spread some homemade bread with butter and covered it with sliced radishes and a sprinkling of sea salt for lunch on Wednesday. I think the spinach will be sauteed, piled on toast and topped with a fried egg for an easy weekend breakfast. I'm already excited about next week's box of farm goods.
Wednesday's lunch

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