Saturday, September 13, 2014

good things lately

This week has not been the week I expected it to be. I've needed good things in my life to balance the bad. If I'm feeling brave, I'll tell you about the bad sometime. But right now I'm still healing, greedily drinking in all the good I can.

coconut fish

My mom and I got to watch them being made at an old-fashioned candy shop across the river. And we got to eat them while they were still warm!


It brought inspiration for my mind and hands. Taproot has me itching to plant some bulbs next month so I can have a garden full of flowers come spring. I've got plans to make my boy a coat from that navy yarn, and I better hurry because I want to finish it before we head up north.

my boy

He is the sweetest. He still loves being outside, whether it's hanging out in the herb garden or walking down by the river. He's learned some new signs lately: shampoo, bath, pasta (his favorite), and poop(!). He learned how to play hide and seek today, but he was easy to find because his squeals of excitement could be heard throughout the house.

* * * 

good things all around

Dottie Angel's frock pattern. Yes, yes! I want to make one for each day of the week. I'd fill the pockets with yarn and chocolates.

Just for fun, I filled a up a virtual cart at the Fringe Supply Co. shop. My favorites were this tote, these simple stitch markers, some bonsai-style scissors, and, most indulgent (and best!) of all, rosewood needles.

Melody's Pinecone & Mulberry hat makes me swoon so much that I cast it on almost as soon as she released the pattern. Oh, such beautiful, cozy texture.

And these college guys make me smile so hard every time I watch their rendition of Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" (and the events of this week have necessitated many viewings). Seeing that dorm hall makes me nostalgic because it's where I met my sweet husband a dozen or so years ago! I love that the guys there now are every bit as goofy as my husband and his fraternity brothers were.

* * *

I would love to hear about something good in your life. Or something funny. Or something you've come across online that has made you smile. Please, share some good things!


  1. Aww. I'm sorry you had a rough time of late. Just hug your boy and inhale his scent. He is a darling. My gosh his smile is a 1,000 watts!
    I want a frock! Can I put in an order? I like Taylor Swift and am happy to read she invited them out to a show on her next tour. That was sweet of her. I also like how the frat made a clean video.
    As for something good, the ohana and I walked over 3 mi today down by the bay. It was sunny and warm but a solid breeze going.

  2. You have to trust life! It always knows better than us. I know, we always say that but I find that it's so true... later...

  3. Oh my, look at those adorable curls! He is growing so fast! We also love that "Shake It Off" video and hope they make more. It certainly does make you smile!

  4. i loved reading about Your good things!: )

    and here are some of mine
    quality time (and picknic) in the forest with my husband
    bright and sunny days
    indulging in plum and apple season
    autumn colors

    continue to embrace and fill yourself up with the GOOD
    and i deeply hope that things will get easier for you soon,


  5. Seeing your little guy put a huge smile on my face so I imagine that being in his physical presence is pure joy! Hugs to you.

  6. My own dear boy wore the same oshkosh overalls at the same age and now he is almost 8. They were a hand-me-down from my nephew. They were perfect for exploring and climbing. The back braces were also a handy handle to lift him out of wet paint, mud and other adventures. Ah, you have made me all nostalgic in the loveliest of ways.

  7. He is such a smiling doll! I love to hear of all he is learning, especially since I don't see any friends who have children the same age as Adallae. I know exactly the place on my side of the river...always a fun place! I did hear of an art studio with metal, glazing, and I don't know what other classes--I'd love to look into that! This must be the week of difficulties, but we shall prevail! Think of something Jude does that always makes you smile and carry it with you. For example, I remember Addy clucking when I asked her if she wanted some chicken at I just heard her telling her baby sister, "Go, Jule. Go, Jule, go!"


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