Friday, March 28, 2014



Today we are celebrating Jude's first year. He is one! Already! I have become one of those people who says everything is going too fast. All my life time felt like it dragged on; I couldn't wait for the next thing to happen. But now I just want time to slow to a snail's pace so I can soak it all in. 

And there is a lot to soak in. On St. Patrick's Day, Jude learned to give kisses. Irish boy that he is, that seemed about right. Two days later he took his first toddling steps. He does a sideways shuffle because he's used to holding on to walls and furniture. 

He's such a sweetheart and a cuddlebug. K and I both feel incredibly lucky to be his parents! It's a hard, exhausting, and completely wonderful job. 

* * *

Have a good weekend!

P.S. Notes on the birthday crown are here.


  1. Happy Birthday to Jude!he is such a cutie!! that birthday crown is a lot of fun :) it's crazy that he's already one! time really does fly by when you have kids! And you really wouldn't think that it would be that way when they can be so tiring

  2. Hau'oli la hanau, Jude! My gosh he is a cutie. He rocks that birthday crown.

  3. OOh!!! happy birthday Jude!!! Ilianna was 2 the last wednesday!

    Lluisa xx

  4. Happy Birthday to the cutest little one year old!

  5. I remember following your pregnancy, not knowing that soon I would experience it! It is a hard but oh so rewarding experience! A gift from life! Happy birthday Jude!!!

  6. What a sweet age, they are learning so much and packing all they can into their wakeful hours. You are truly blessed with such a sweetie!

  7. Happy Birthday to your cutie patoodie!

  8. Happy Belated Birthday, Jude!


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