Wednesday, March 5, 2014


After breakfast and teeth brushing, we play. There is peekaboo and castle-building and naming everything, especially the bunny picture in his bedroom. "Dat," Jude exclaims, pointing at the bunny once again and looking at me for an answer. He bounces his approval when I correctly identify it.

There's always lots of reading too. He usually cleans off his bookshelf first, throwing all the books on the floor, and then he chooses one to read. The Snowy Day has been in heavy rotation lately because we've got snow on the ground here again. He also wants to read any book that includes dogs, cats, or pigs. He likes to point at the dogs the most and one particular pig on a dinghy. I have no idea why.

This morning I pulled out a Vanilla soaker I've been working on and knitted a few stitches while Jude pulled every toy out of the toy box. He quickly realized I wasn't paying attention to only him anymore and came to investigate my yarn!

* * *

I'm joining the yarn along with Ginny and many others today.

P.S. Thanks for the suggestions on what to knit with my pink and gray handspun!


  1. Sounds like a great morning. :)

    Are you going to teach him to knit when he gets older?

  2. What a cutie you have there Allison. I remember my babies wanting all my attention when they were little, enjoy!

  3. I'd like to say I don't have the problem of all the books being pulled off the shelf. But with teenage girls I have the rooms with clothes all over the floor going on. LOL! Cute little one you have.

  4. OMGosh, look at those little baby feet. What av great pic of him checking out Mama's craft. Hug is a great book. A coworker bought that for my eldest. When he's ready, Cheerios books are fun. You pout them in the slots and baby can practice his fine motor skills and snack too. My niece used to swipe each page with her hand to make sure she got them all.

  5. Oh my god! he is growing sooo fast!! time flies, my baby girl is 2 at the end of this month...they love to mess with everything that mum is interested in lol...



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