Wednesday, May 29, 2013

yarn along: rosa and taproot

My number of works in progress has gotten out of hand recently, so I hesitated to cast on anything new. But I needed a project that allows me to work without a pattern because my two-month old permits only short bursts of activity that don't involve him. Soulemama's Rosa hat fills this need perfectly; I guess she's figured out what works after five children. I've been toting this hat from room to room, knitting a few stitches here and there when the baby falls asleep on my shoulder. And this morning I knitted two rounds during a 15-minute car ride. Two rounds in one sitting! Some of the previous rounds have taken me days to complete.

The yarn is a plump handspun Shetland and alpaca blend that feels soft in hand. It's a thick and thin two-ply in blue and gray, colors that remind me of our trip to Maine.

I'm slowly reading the latest issue of Taproot at bedtime, although sometimes my eyes close after only a sentence or two. My days have been so full lately and a few sentences of Taproot are a wonderful nightcap.

* * *

What are you up to this week? 

Are you yarning along too?

* * *

P.S. See my previous Rosa here.


  1. I love Soule Mama and Taproot too! Don't have the latest issue yet though.

  2. sounds lovely, the color of the wool is beautiful. the memories of your babe knitted in each stitch.

  3. I think we are both flitting from project to project and staying with something soothing and restful x

  4. I think we all need projects like your hat pattern in our lives. Enjoy even the smallest accomplishments!

  5. Enjoy your stolen moments of knitting! Beautiful pattern and yarn choice.

  6. I had to Google Taproot twice before finding out what it was, LOL. you are patient to read magazines.
    Glad you're able to ind some knitting time. I know how it is with a newborn. I wasn't able to do much with my youngest wanting to be carried most of the time and not liking anybody except her dad who commutes 50 mi away every day.

  7. Ah, being able to knit a whole two rounds in one sitting is one of those things that only a busy knitter would understand the joy in. :)
    I'm glad you found a project that fits the bill. I think I'll have to plan the Rosa for one of my months in my 12 hats in one year challenge.


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