Thursday, May 2, 2013

basket of goodies

I promised to show off some of the handmade baby things we've received, so here's a start!

K's aunt Jan (who blogs about her sewing, spinning, and knitting here) sent us a basket full of goodies she sewed just for our little guy. She chose such great colors, too: bright yellow and blue with red accents.

Want to see what's inside?

Appliqued boat towels and a personalized bib, all which look so pretty and pristine. I joked with Jan that the baby will be allowed to use them only when he is clean. ;) And the item at the top that looks like a cute clutch, that's a portable changing pad.

It folds out to the perfect size and even includes a pocket, which will be great for stashing cloth wipes. I've already tucked this into the diaper bag so it's ready to use. 

* * * 

I hope you're all doing well! I've been reading your blogs on my phone, but comments take ages to type out on it, so you may find I've been quiet lately. My hope is that once J and I get into a routine I'll have a little time to keep up with blogging and commenting. 


  1. How sweet. It all looks so well made, I'd be afraid to get it dirty too.
    I love the nautical/boat/sailor theme for a baby---especially a baby boy. My Mom jokes that the main reason she had kids was to dress them up in sailor outfits.

  2. These are SO cu-ute. She is a fantastic sewer and did an amazing job.

  3. So pretty! Blogging can wait, there is more important moments to cherish now!

  4. One of the best things about having so many crafty people in my life was the showering of handmade goodies for D when he was born! This is a really lovely set, and a super thoughtful gift.


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