Wednesday, January 16, 2013

weeks 25 and 26

Week 25

During Week 25, we visited K's hometown. We danced at our friends' wedding party and visited with K's parents. While we were there it snowed a few inches, which was a special treat because last year we didn't get any snow! We enjoyed the winter wonderland for a few hours before heading home to celebrate the new year.

We had a quiet New Year's Eve at home. K and I both fell asleep around 11:30, even though I was trying so hard to stay up! We woke up a few minutes after midnight to find Billy Joel singing on the TV and a baby dancing along in my belly. I couldn't believe our boy rang in the new year without us!

* * * * * 

Week 26

We spent Week 26 with my family. We said goodbye to my grandpa and spent the week surrounded by cousins, aunts, and uncles. We talked a lot about babies and how soon this one will be out in the world with us. I watched my cousin's 2-year-old son and three-year-old daughter play together at the funeral home. It felt really good to see them laugh; it was a great reminder of how joyful life is, even when things seem most somber.

This week the baby started stretching out so that I could feel him on both sides of my belly at once. He's getting so big! According to my online reading, he should be about two pounds now. What the what? K and I are really going to have to paint the nursery and pick out a name soon. I definitely feel the clock ticking now and am counting down the weeks until his due date, trying to figure out how I'm going to cram in all the things I want to make and do before he arrives. I need more time!

* * * * *

Thank you for all your kind words yesterday. It helped me so much to share my thoughts about my grandpa and to have your support. I appreciate it more than you'll ever know!



  1. You look great! So sorry to hear about the loss of your grandpa; sending thoughts of comfort and peace to you.

  2. Winter Wonderland...I bet your baby will like the snow!!! ♥ Next year, in crocheted booties and knit sweaters, keeping warm.

  3. ^ I love Martha's visual; I completely agree, too!! :)) ...reminds me of an episode or two of Call the Midwife. I love seeing all the children in obvious hand-knits (sweaters, booties, bonnets, blankets, etc). Do you have a lot of knitted baby items made yet? Or still a long list of "to-be-knitted" items?
    The snow looks so pretty! I was so excited to have snow in Ohio, too; and so sad to watch it all melt away so quick. :(

  4. Sorry to read about your grandfather. It is always so hard to say good bye.


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