Saturday, January 26, 2013

lavender blue

I sewed some simple lavender sachets for Christmas, using a variety of blue fabrics from my stash and a heaping bag of lavender from the bulk herb store. I packaged them in sets of three and gave them away to scent the wardrobes of the recipients. Of course, I kept a set for myself. They're squirreled away in my hand-knitted sweater drawer to keep away moths. Each time I pull out a sweater to wear, I get to smell like lavender all day. It's my favorite.

I used this Purlbee tutorial until the final sewing step. Sometime on December 23rd I decided that I didn't have time to blind stitch all the sachets closed (or you know, time to learn how to blind stitch). So I machine-stitched the sachets closed, which looks less polished but serves the same purpose.

* * * 

I'm still knitting away on my blue Featherweight. I don't want to jinx it, but I'm getting ready to start the second sleeve. Lately I've been knitting in bed each night and listening to these lullabies. Lavender Blue is one of my favorites to sing along to. It's worth a listen, even for adults. 


I hope you're finding some calm moments this week.


  1. Lavender sachets are so handy. Yours are very cute. I like reading how your cardi is com in' along. I'm a bit envious as well as I am itchin' for knitted garments this year and will get to one as soon as I knock a WIP or two off of my list.

  2. Gorgeous. We have a huge lavender field and associated seller near us, I got a big sack before Christmas which is in the downstairs loo, love the fresh, flowery, lovely scent which fills the room. It must be lovely to smell it all day on your clothes


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