Monday, August 6, 2012

rocky coast

I've jumped on the Rocky Coast Cardigan bandwagon. I wanted to make a classic cardigan that I'll be able to wear year after year. Rocky Coast is a beautiful sweater that seems flattering on everyone, so it's no wonder it caught on fast after Coastal Knits was released last year!

Although I love making sweaters, sweater-knitting seems to drag on forever. So, I'm trying my hardest to finish this cardigan by the end of this month. That seems like a crazy goal. I've never knitted a sweater in a month, let alone a long-sleeved sweater with cables. Still, I'm giving it a go. I start each morning with a couple of rows and a cup of tea to fuel my needles. It makes my mornings feel luxurious. And of course I've been watching the Olympics and knitting in the evening. If I can keep up this pace I will finish by September and be wrapped in this cozy sweater all fall and winter. I'd cross my fingers for luck if they weren't so busy knitting!

I'm using Quince and Co. Lark yarn in Egret for this project. This is the fifth project I've used their yarn on. Quince and Co. makes gorgeous, affordable yarn, so their shop is the first place I look when I queue a new project.

* * *

How's your life lately? 

What are you making? 

Have you set any crazy goals for yourself?


  1. That sweater is lovely so far. I am making a shawl and a hat. I want to have the shawl done by the time school starts up again. But something keeps telling me that goal is a little far fetched.

  2. I've always loved other people's Rocky Coast pictures, but mine didn't come out that well. Of course, I didn't find the mods/errata until after I finished, so that might have been part of the problem ;) And with the loose gauge that it comes with, you'll definitely be able to knock it out in under a month!

  3. You've made such great progress already! Hope you'll continue your cardigan along with us over on the Project: Stash KAL group!!

  4. It will be a beautiful cardigan and from your progress so far, I think you will reach your goal without problems! My current goal is the Ravellenics and unless something comes up, I think I'm right on track to achieve my goal. A shawlette in DK is a good choice ;-) Go go go!

  5. What a beautiful start! I can't wait to see more.
    I saw the new Batman movie; totally off the chain! Cleaned out the storeroom. So much crap accumulated. I dunno why I kept paperbacks for example. I still have to go thru my teacher stuff.

  6. I've been considering starting a cardigan. I don't know which one, but I've considered the Rocky Coast Cardigan. It would hopefully be my first wearable cardigan!

    It's not really a goal, but I've been reading up on yarn dyeing. I finally found a great book that makes it simple to understand. I just need to find a free day to give it a try!

  7. It looks so gorgeous & luxurious! I wish I could pull off knitting clothing articles like you can :) Can't wait to see it finished & I'll be living vicariously through your pictures.

  8. You are amazing! ♥ Right now, my chickens and my backyard garden are what we're focused on...

  9. Good luck, Allison. I know you can accomplish any goal you set for yourself. You'll be in that cardi this fall/winter, for sure. :)

    And thanks for being such an inspiration. You and your projects had/have a lot to do with me pushing myself to finally learn how to knit!

  10. I too fell in love with the Rocky Coast Cardi. Yours is going to be beautiful with Quince. If anyone can finish it before the end of the month, it would be you. Can't wait to see it finished!

  11. I nominated you for a blog award :O); pls check it out on today's post.

  12. Your sweater looks beautiful! I can't wait to see it in its finished form.

    Btw, the Olympics were fun to watch, weren't they? It felt good to turn on the TV in the evening (or afternoon [or morning]) and know there would be something exciting to watch.

    And my crazy goal for myself: To get my classroom (and myself mentally) prepared for the start of another school year by the end of next week. :-O


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