Wednesday, April 6, 2011

yarn along

That's a sleeve you see! My Tea Leaves cardigan is coming right along. Having a knitting class every week means that I am motivated to work on it a little each day. I've only got two more classes left, and I really want help with the front buttonhole edging, so I need to finish up the sleeves. 

I do not find the sleeves as much fun to knit as the body. I think it's because I'm not completely satisfied with the join of the sleeve and body, even after ripping it back three times. My mistakes keep glaring at me. I tell myself that most of those uneven stitches will be hidden underneath my arm and that the purpose of this sweater is to learn the basics of knitting a sweater. It will not be perfect. I have such a hard time being a beginner at things. 

I think I'll probably finish this cardigan in a few weeks, just in time for warm weather (it's in the 70s this week). But! There may be a trip planned for a cool weather place that will necessitate a wool sweater. Yay!

* * * * * 

As for my reading, I've mostly been busy with books for school. I'm taking a trauma narrative course this semester and the reading has been so bleak. I mean, I expected it, but I didn't realize how depressing it would be to read trauma narratives for months on end. I decided that reading books like A Clockwork Orange before bed would give me nightmares, so I've been spending those last minutes before I close my eyes reading fun, cheerful stuff. This week it's Sarah Vowell's new book about Hawaiian history Unfamiliar Fishes. She cracks me up and is a definite relief from trauma narratives (though certainly she writes of trauma, too--stealing land from native Hawaiians, spreading diseases, etc.--only she does it in a less depressing way). 


  1. I agree with it being hard to be a beginner as I suffer the same feelings. Thanks for the book recommendation, sounds like a great read.

  2. Can't wait to see the tea leaves when your done.

  3. Oh, it has been a while since I picked up a Sarah Vowel book. thank you for the inspiration! (and we just happen to be heading to Hawaii in a few weeks, so it would be a timely read)

    Lovely knitting :-)

  4. I too have a hard time being a beginner at things!

    Since I have do a lot of reading about actual trauma - I have found that having a bed time ritual is a nice way to make sure it is not what I'm thinking about as I go to sleep.

  5. Your cardigan is looking lovely and I love the color. Sarah Vowel is one of my favorites and I've not read her new one. I'm adding it to my list. Thanks!

  6. Your tea leaves cardi is looking lovely. The stitches will even out a bit at the join when you wash and block.

  7. I'm so impressed with the ease in which you grasp knitting. You're making huge progress. Good for you! At this point in my life -- I'm all about happy books. Thankfully, I don't have required reading any more.

  8. That would not be the right course for me ... hope that trip happens!

  9. I have a Sarah Vowell book- The Partly Cloudy Patriot- but I haven't read it yet....

    Wow, you have really got this knitting thing down!

  10. It looks amazing!

    I'm the same way with my work. The mistakes seem bigger than the whole. Why is that? I'm not that way with others, so why myself?


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