Friday, April 8, 2011

Cabin Socks

I got so wrapped up in my sweater-knitting that I forgot to show you the socks I made.

These socks are so warm and cozy! They are very thick because they're made with Aran weight yarn, which also made them easier for a new knitter like me to make. Everything I make these days seems to be green, but I especially love the fern green color of these socks. 

I named these the Cabin Socks because I finished them just before our spring break getaway and wore them every night of our trip. I actually wore them over some thinner wool socks, so they served as kind of slipper socks to keep my feet extra toasty while we stayed up playing board games and drinking wine.

I knitted these in a class at The Knit Nook, which is sadly closing its doors at the end of this month. The class was very fun and educational. I learned lots of new knitting skills: using double-pointed needles, making short rows, and grafting the toe with kitchener stitch.

I am so sad that my local yarn store is closing and regret not taking classes before now. However, I am glad to be able to spend even a little bit of time there. I've gotten to know some great knitting teachers and students. I think after the store closes I'm going to have to find a knitting/crochet group to join because I have enjoyed getting together to share projects and tips.

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Name: Cabin Socks

Pattern: Knit Nook sock pattern

Yarn: J√§rbo Garn Raggi Solids

Needles: US Size 8 DPN

Made for: My own two feet


  1. Very good....I'm working on my 2nd sock...still...very proud to have knit my first's slow. You inspired me! Thank you!!!

  2. Your socks are absolutely fantastic! My first pair were a lumpy mess, but yours look perfect. Great job!

  3. You are so clever. I don't have the patience for knitting socks-kudos to you x

  4. Your socks look great!
    I prefer knitting them with chunkier yarn - those thin sock weight ones are fiddly, I find.

  5. The socks are great. So sorry to hear that about the Knit Nook. Hope things are settling down for you.

  6. Your socks are very inspiring....And that green is a perfect shade. I'm sorry about your yarn store. We don't have any around here and it's so blah going to the chain stores. I think ordering from WEBS is my best option. Have you looked there?

  7. They turned out fantastic. My suggestion make many more of these! :)

  8. Gorgeous! I have had lots of catchng up to do with you!!!
    That cake with violets and tea is beautiful!

  9. Lovely socks! I'm sorry to hear about your yarn store closing. It's happening here too all the time, and I'm afraid that we will have to buy all yarn online soon. I don't really like that because it is far more difficult to see the real colours, and I always want to feel the yarn I buy. Maybe a bit strange.

  10. Hey there! I just caught up on a few weeks of "Field Wonderful," and it's definitely living up to its name: It's sooooo wonderful! I feel more relaxed and lovely already!!

    I can't (and can) hardly believe your knitting projects! To think, it all started with a simple headband... And now, wow! Now YOU can teach me!

    Hope the end of your semester is rounding out nicely. :-)

  11. They are awesome!

  12. I've never seen socks so well photographed before.

  13. and look! they are CLEAN!! well done allie :)

  14. You are so awesome. Knit away my sweet friend!
    Love, Camille

  15. The Knit Nook closing! Heartbreak!


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