Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Warm me up

a rare blue sky in winter

This winter seems like it doesn't want to quit. There has been so much snow all over the US and there's more to come.

We had some brief hours of sunshine over the weekend, which were lovely and such a tease because it's gray again already.

I've collected some links that will make you think warm thoughts and maybe even be a bit less grumbly that there's more winter ahead.

* * * * * 

Wouldn't you love to go on this dreamy sleigh ride?

I love to take hot baths, but have trouble relaxing for very long. I want to do something. This tub caddy would be perfect.

If I had a nickel for every time I said, "I wish I were having a fondue party in a teepee right now..."

Brighten up your evening hours with some spindles and candles.

Can someone please invite me on a winter picnic? Drinking beer and wearing mittens are two of my favorite things. I don't know why I didn't think to put them together sooner.

Now is the perfect time to make (or buy) a cozy rug.

* * * * * 

What's keeping you warm lately?

I've been trying to go to bed early. I take a book and a crochet project and snuggle under lots of blankets.


  1. Good links! I've been wanting one of those rugs forever! I can't muster up the gumption to actually make one myself. I've been keeping warm in the kitchen with the oven going for baking and roasting. Unfortunately, the extra padding that results from the baking and roasting also provides a bit more warmth. I think I might need to make a switch to a more vigorous yoga practice and some brisk walks to warm myself up instead.

  2. I've been considering a winter picnic but I am soooooo cold! But the fondue teepee thing I could totally do.

  3. Soup is what's keeping me warm -- for lunch and dinner (not breakfast though, that wouldn't be very tasty!). The big storm is just about in NYS. I want a snow day so badly tomorrow and I keep pestering my boss to shut down, but I'm not getting a reaction. Humph.

  4. Right now, the fireplace is keeping me warm - but our sky is finally blue today, and I'm hoping for some warmer weather out there!


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