Thursday, December 30, 2010

Whole Wheat Cable Blanket

Finally, the big reveal! This is the lap blanket that I made for my mom this Christmas. It only took me four months and eleventy-billion hours of crocheting. Well, it felt like eleventy-billion. I lost track of the exact number of hours sometime after a billion. I think it had to do with each row being only single crochet. Those tiny stitches took a long time to build a blanket. Seriously, this blanket was time- and yarn-consuming. The cables seemed to just gobble up the yarn. The end count was around 2850 yards of yarn, making this by far the biggest crochet project I've ever undertaken. 

Was it worth it? Yes yes yes! The cables came out just as I imagined they would. This blanket would be right at home in a mountain lodge or woodsy cabin somewhere. It's so warm. I fell asleep under it on the couch one night (What? I had to try it out.) and woke up sweating. So maybe my mom can save a little on her heat bill this winter. I hope you like it, Mom.

Once you get the hang of this pattern, it's pretty mindless work. However, I wouldn't recommend it if you've never tried Front Post Double Crochet (Fpdc) before. Here's a pretty good video tutorial that shows how to do Fpdc. I'd suggest trying a simple pattern to learn Fpdc first. Something like this potholder is a good place to start. Before you know it, you'll be addicted to the textures and designs you can make from Fpdc and then you'll want to make lots of cabled projects.

Pattern: Crochet Cable Afghan (free pattern)
Yarn: Lion Brand Wool-Ease Worsted
Hook: J
Made for: Mom, Christmas 2010
Washing instructions: Washer and Dryer friendly!

* * * * * 

I hope you're all staying warm! One more day of 2010 to go. I'm busy thinking up resolutions and getting excited about the big UK/U of L basketball game tomorrow. Go Cards!


  1. Oh gosh, it's so beautiful! What a labor of love. Your mother must be delighted.

  2. This is gorgeous! Really nice job. I am sure your mom is so touched by this gift!

  3. Alright, the yardage on this project definitely has me beat! I think the blanket I made for my parents for Christmas was only about 2,400 yards (and maybe only 9 billion hours). It looks so rustic and cozy! I'm sure she will love and treasure it.

  4. I thought you'd taken up knitting!!!
    What a beautiful fine gauge does look very VERY warm. You are a sweet daughter...I be you're mom loves it.
    I crocheted potholders for Christmas gifts...and this hat:
    I started making the cable hat...but I stopped...confusing to me! I'll have to give it another try!!!

  5. Just saying "Wow" doesn't do justice to this masterpiece. You did amazing. I love how eventually evening the most complicated crocheting can become mindless. Your mom must be thrilled.

  6. I'm already addicted to the design by just looking at it! Beautiful blanket. I never heard of fpdc stitch, and can't wait to try it.
    Happy 2011, Allison!

  7. Beautiful!
    And I know what a long time it must have taken to make - I only sc/cabled a cushion cover and that seemed to take forever! I'm sure your Mum will treasure it.

  8. It looks amazing. Glad it was well worth it and cozy. I didn't know about that cables could be crochetted how cool.

  9. BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm sure Paula loved it & will always treasure that you made it for her!



  10. It's gorgeous!!!!

    I love the pattern and the color you chose.

    Single crochet? I salute you.

  11. Your Mom must love it--all the love you put into every single (*single* crochet) stitch! It's beautiful!

  12. Beautiful blanket.....I seem to have the attention span of a 4 year old so I don't know if I could finish a big project like that.
    I can tell that a lot of love went into it!

  13. I'am making this in red for my daughter because I love her so much!!


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