Wednesday, May 14, 2014

i'll have another (pair of pajama shorts, that is)

I was so smitten with my first pair of pajama shorts that I immediately sewed another pair. This time I made a size medium, which is a fantastic fit (Liesl said she up-sizes too for a comfier fit--something to keep in mind if you decide to make a pair for yourself). I went very von Trapp family with this pair because I used a vintage curtain I bought at the flea market a few years back. I love the fabric and have been saving it for something special. I hesitated to use it on pajama shorts, thinking maybe I should save it for something I'll actually wear out of the house, but decided that I'll get tons of wear out of these shorts and having this fabric in my daily life will make me happy. Really, can you look at that flowery pattern and not smile? I can't. It's a riot of color, and it brings whimsy to my days. That's a pretty big feat for a humble pair of pajama shorts.

* * * 

P.S. You know I've got another pair already in the works, right? I can't stop. I'm not sure how many pairs of pajama shorts is enough, but I haven't reached my limit yet. If you'd like to make your own, I wholeheartedly recommend Liesl's free pattern and tutorial.

P.P.S. I've found my crafting has shifted with the seasons more than ever this year. Now that it's warming up, I only want to knit with fingering weight yarn, particularly linen, I've been spending evenings at the sewing machine, and I've even picked up my crochet hook and thread again. Have your habits shifted much with the seasons this year?


  1. Just this morning, I was thinking about how I need a whole set of pj shorts and then I read your blog!! How perfect ... these flowery ones are so sweet. I just may need to pull my sewing machine out this weekend. ; )

  2. This is cute fabric! I don't wear long pants to sleep either. My legs get hot.

  3. This season, not so much. I still itch to pick up my knitting needles (probably because I've been doing so much crocheting in comparison); especially since I'm usually holding my 11 week old instead of crafting :) hmm.. I guess *that* could count as a shift in habits :)


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