Thursday, April 17, 2014

a morning outdoors and garden plans

This boy loves to be outside, and, now that it's warming up, I'm happy to oblige. He helps me check the seeds we planted last week and always finds pots of black dirt to dig his hands in. 

I took last year off from gardening, but this year I want to plant a few things for the two of us to grow together. I want to keep the garden small because I know realistically I won't have much time to devote to it. I'm thinking some colorful flowers for cutting, herbs for tasting, and lamb's ear for touching. I'm also hoping our strawberry patch produces lots of strawberries to eat. 

Any ideas for good things to plant to keep a little one interested?

* * *

P.S. Notes on my favorite baby basics are on my Ravelry page: Milo vest and Basic Newborn Hat.


  1. These photos made me smile. What a sweetheart. Glad you two are out enjoying the sunshine and soil.
    Snow/Snap peas are a bit complicated to grow but they are my favorite to-eat-while-still-in-the-garden vegetable. Nothing like picking them fresh off the vine and eating them right away. :)

  2. I always love watching bush beans grow (any kind of green bean, like contender). They are large, easy to plant seeds and they grow so quickly each day putting on an inch sometimes! They would be great for a little one to plant and watch grow. Plus the more you pick, the more beans they produce! :)


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