Wednesday, February 19, 2014

finding time

Hello there. I'm glad you found your way here. Last month I felt ready to take on some freelance work, and I've been lucky to have steady work since then, but I haven't quite figured out a rhythm to fit in everything I want to do each day. I need more time, always.

The clock is ticking now for sure. It's nap time, so time feels more finite than ever. I try to stretch it out, or at least use it wisely, by slowing myself down with tea and a few stitches knitted. I'm sipping on a cup of genmaicha, which is green tea with toasted rice. That toasted flavor comes through in the brewed tea and tastes warm and cozy. Today I'm working on a newly cast on Milo vest for Jude that I hope will fit him this spring. It's a risky thing, knitting for a baby to wear something now. It's very possible that he's growing faster than I can knit!

At night before bed I've been reading a few pages of The Living by Annie Dillard. It's a novel set in the Pacific Northwest in the late nineteenth century. I've read plenty of Dillard's essays, but never any of her fiction. This novel features the stunning descriptions of the natural world that I've come to expect, but I find the narrative hard to get into so far. I haven't made up my mind about this one yet.

I'm off now to work or knit or clean or cook. Oh, I need more time!

* * *

I'm participating in Ginny's yarn along today.


  1. Ugh. Your book remind me of Sarum, an unfinished eBook, that glares at me. It's like historical fiction. Some parts were interesting. Others dry.
    I'm sure you'll find your rhythm. Give it time.

  2. Time ... how can we create more of it??


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