Wednesday, January 22, 2014

yarn along: sleeve and spinning

That's a sleeve you see there. And not just any sleeve: a second sleeve. That's right, I'm on track to finish my Larch cardigan within a year of starting it, which is pretty much my regular sweater-knitting speed. I am a slow knitter in general and an even slower sweater knitter. I can finally see this one coming together though, and I'm antsy to wear it this winter. With all the snow we've been having, a new red sweater would go a long way in warming me up.

I've been reading just a tad about spinning before bed recently. I can muster only a few pages before my eyes close and the book falls out of my hands. I bought a simple top-whorl drop spindle, and I picked up some fiber on my yarn adventure over the weekend (more on that later). All that remains is for me to get up the guts to actually try to spin. I keep making excuses (e.g., I'll just read another chapter and watch one more spinning video) because I know I'm going to make some fat, dense yarn to start out, and I hate being a beginner. Soon, though. I'm going to spin soon. I'm brave this year, you know.

* * *

I'm joining in with Ginny this week for the Yarn Along.


  1. Ooh! Love the color. That will definitely help brighten up the winter and chase away the blues or blahs. :)

  2. Hooray for second sleeves. I have been told, and I agree, that knitting is process and as long as you're enjoying yourself, it doesn't matter how fast or slow you knit.
    I have a drop spindle too and tried it only once..ahem. Maybe I should dig it back out and keep practicing.

  3. Terrific red. My spindle is shoved somewhere in the closet. My first attempt wasn't successful but that's probably because I was too lazy to draft properly. Do blog about your first attempt.

  4. Hey well done!! I am always thinking about to knit something similar for myself, but at the moment I haven', very well for you!


  5. Spinning is something I've watched others do and never really thought of doing myself, although, if I did, I would consider using a wheel rather than a spindle.

  6. I really love that red! Spinning interests me too, I'm not sure if I'll ever get to it though

  7. Oh, seconds are the best when it comes to sleeves and socks! I've finished the cuff on a pair of Skyp socks and I think I'll catch up with a second and work them two-at-a-time because I'm afraid going to finish the one and never get around to finishing the second!

    I saw SouleMama do a post last week about learning to be patient with herself as a beginner and teaching her daughter the same. It's a good one. :)


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