Thursday, July 25, 2013

woodland quilt (and a sweater in july)

{woodland quilt}

{kick, kick}

Whew. My baby can't even crawl yet, and I'm already worn out. He seems to become more active every day. Suddenly he's splashing in the tub, blowing raspberries, and grabbing everything he can. How does he learn this stuff overnight? My days of taking photos of him laying still are limited, so I better show you this quilt while I can.

My mom and I made this quilt together when I was pregnant. We made a practice quilt first, then dived right into this Timber and Leaf fabric. I love the modern woodsy vibe and the cute animals (the deer are my favorite). We're both new at quilt-making, so it was fun to learn together on this simple patchwork. I did the cutting and arranging, and Mom did all of the sewing on this one. We used five-inch squares, and the finished quilt is approximately 36 by 45 inches. We've been using the quilt as a play mat for now, but I'm sure when he's older he'll be snuggling under this mama- and Gigi-made quilt, finding bears, foxes, birds, and deer before he falls asleep.

* * *

And yes, it is much too hot and humid in Kentucky to actually wear sweaters and booties at this time of year, but I couldn't resist trying these on. They fit (darn!). I made the Baby Surprise Jacket as part of a knit along before I was even pregnant, so I had no idea on sizes. And the booties were too cute not to knit, even though I had a hunch they'd fit him during the height of summer. I'll just have to make some booties in a larger size for him to wear this winter.


  1. Sweet boy! Sweet knit and beautiful quilt. That little child is going to become more and more amazing ... and more and more exhausting ;-) Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous!


  2. Ooh, what a treat to see your beautiful little guy. He looks incredible and I love how he fits the surprise cardigan. Love your quilt, too! Enjoy every second of his rambunctiousness!

  3. So cute. ♥ The yellow yarn looks like the same one you used in the socks you made (pictured in the header). It's been a hot and humid July in Cincinnati, but the past few days have been nice and cool!!!

  4. Ah look at him. I love that he looks so handsome in your favorite color.
    The knits are lovely. And that quilt is gorgeous!

  5. The quilt turned out just beautifully! I love the fabric.

    What a cute little one in his baby surprise jacket. Well, maybe he can get a little more use out of it if you go anywhere with serious air-conditioning.

  6. He is growing so fast! The quilt is fantastic as his jacket. His little booties are sweet.

  7. Such a beautiful quilt! I definitely want to try quilting as well! I had to search for the deer, though, and they are quite cute. Steven walked in and told me I couldn't see the baby for the quilt ;-) (You know-can't see the forest for the trees!) Once again, lovely projects and adorable baby! Just wait another couple months or so when he's crawling everywhere and picking up every single piece of dirt--that's Adallae's favorite past time :)

  8. Wow! He is such a cutie and growing so fast. The sweater and booties are adorable!

  9. Really nice little yellow BSJ! Great quilt too! The fabrics are going very well together!

  10. It's all so precious.
    That fabric is so whimsical and sweet. Congratulations on finishing the quilt! And I'm glad you made it bigger so he can use it longer. I've made some quilts for babies as well and I always made them at least 3'x4' if not 4'x5' so it'll last long into the childhood years.

  11. CUTE!!! all of it... the knitting, the quilting, and the baby!! Always a bummer when things we love will not fit the littles in the right season - but it made for an adorable photo shoot :)


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