Tuesday, March 12, 2013

tea time

Tea time is one of my favorite times of day. A newly finished tea cup makes tea time even better.

I threw this cup thick, then shaved off the excess clay with a textural tool when it was leather hard. The glossy amber brown glaze and lines of texture make this a wonderfully rustic cup.

* * *

What's your favorite time of day?



  1. I love reading your post because it means everything is going wonderfully! My favorite time of the day? On weekdays: after work. On Saturday: probably having my first coffee. On the weekend in general: spending time with my boyfriend! Have an excellent remaining of the week!

  2. Favorite time of day: Greeting Adallae in the mornings; nothing beats those smiles!

  3. Great tea cup creation. What is your favorite tea to drink? favorite time of day? I need to ponder on that.


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