Wednesday, September 5, 2012

yarn along

I fell off the knitting train for a whole week. I blame those sleeves! But I'm back to knitting now (although not back to sweater-knitting). I've been working on lots of gifts. I cast on this simple gray project last night; it's a Christmas present, so I can't share details here. I'll include them on my Ravelry page if you're interested.

* * *

I've actually been reading quite a bit lately. Over the long weekend, my husband and I rearranged our large collection of books, so of course I made a big to-read stack. K loves Michael Chabon, and I've read some of his fiction, so I thought I'd try out this book of essays. Chabon's writing is clever, entertaining, and offers insight into what men think about (baseball, family, feigning confidence, cooking). One of my favorite parts of reading Manhood for Amateurs is that I can talk to K about it because he's already read it, too. Sometimes I miss being a lit student and reading books along with a class full of people. 

* * *

How are you this week? Are you reading or making anything?

I love to know what other people are making! Here are some recent favorites:

Alicia makes the prettiest cakes, and she's just shared a chocolate cake recipe that I can't wait to try. 

Kristen makes some beautiful (and impressive!) jewelry.

A lace A-frame tent would be the perfect hideaway for an afternoon nap.

Tracy's handmade rabbits and polka-dot cookies make me so happy. 

I want to sew up a bunch of these simple bags and try out different stitch patterns on my sewing machine in the process.


  1. Thanks for the book recommendation, I have a house full of males that I think would enjoy reading Chabon.

  2. Sounds like you are keeping very busy knitting...good for you starting on your Christmas projects early!!


  3. I, too, knit a wool sweater during the summer months. What the heck were we thinking?! Fortunately, it's done and your sleeves will be, too. :-)

  4. Oh, I like your grey project! I don't know how I'm going to share knitting when I get into the thick of Christmas present making.

  5. I just suggested that book to my husband who has been complaining about having nothing to read. I'm currently reading The Friday Night Knitting Club, which is surprisingly excellent. I love the characters, cozy feel, and all of the knitting. :)

  6. I do envy ppl who know how to sew. I love those mice. And oh boy that chocolate cake. Could she beam me one for my la hanau tomorrow?
    I love your secret project; must be for a guy; they always appreciate stuff like that.
    I'm working on a snood, a second sock, and I'm reading the second book of Steig Larsson.

  7. Love the looks of your secret project, I might have to try that one out! I'm happy to have found your blog through the link up, I'm sharing leg warmers this week. Happy knitting!

  8. Thanks for the link love! Let's have another crafting date soon!

  9. I fear I'm falling back into a bit of knitting slump again. Which isn't good because I need to get busy on socks for yule time gifts (and finish that top I'm working and start my cardigan!)

    Sometimes I think it'd be great fun to join a reading group/book club--might help me think differently about what I read. I've always been a bit of lone wolf in my hobbies and activities. Though, I love passing books (and music) on to my brother and comparing opinions with him.

  10. I love her beautiful chocolate cake photos - somehow mine never look quite so...photogenic!

  11. i COMPLETELY agree about being a student and reading books together. I whole-heartedly miss group discussions. :( I've been working on a couple "baby" or "lap" blankets but not as much time to read. I'm just happy to be back, reading your blog & a few others :) Keep up the inspiring work!


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